Wee Ka Siong Should Stop His Cowardly Lies But Seek Truth From Facts And Not Distorting Facts To Pervert The Truth.

Press Statement By Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng In Komtar, George Town On 18 March 2018.

MCA Deputy President Wee Ka Siong refuses to seek truth from facts and is exploiting BN’s control of the mass media to distort facts to pervert the truth about the RM6.3 billion under sea tunnel and 3 main highways project to alleviate traffic congestion in Penang. From his lies that a fashion company was building the tunnel to the agreement signed not being stamped and his latest lie that the cost is not RM6.3 billion but RM20.5 billion, I thought that I have seen it all.

And yet Wee Ka Siong has not ceased to shock me with his latest lie that I had admitted in my last statement that I would rather be a coward. This is again completely false. Is Wee’s English so poor that he does not understand I had advised him that in between being both a coward and a political lunatic, it is a better fate to be a coward?

I would prefer to emphasise on just 3 points in my last statement that Wee does not have the courage to prove.

· How can there be corruption when the project was granted by open tender? Even payment to contractors is not decided by the state government but by an independent checking engineer appointed also by open tender by the state government. To-date the independent checking engineer has not been arrested by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission(MACC).

· Name which Penang state government leader had corruptly accepted millions of ringgit for this project. His refusal contrasts with Pakatan leaders boldly naming the corrupt leader behind the 1MDB financial scandal that has turned Malaysia into a global kleptocracy. If Pakatan dares to do so, why is Wee scared to do so?;

· Prove that the the minimum paid-up capital requirement of RM381 million was not fulfilled when the Penang Tender Committee headed by Penang state secretary Dato Seri Farizan awarded this open tender to Zenith Consortium. Even the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission(MACC), that has unjustly hounded the Penang state government over this non-existent scandal, does not question the fact that the minimum capital requirement of RM381 million was fulfilled by Zenith Consortium.

Clearly Wee intends to sabotage this project for poltical benefit at the expense of Penangites continuing to suffer horrendous traffic jams. Top BN leaders can easily escape traffic jams in Penang by calling on helicopters, an option not available to both the Penang Chief Minister and ordinary motorists. What then is the alternative for ordinary Penangites?







· 这项透过公开招标发标的计划是要怎么贪污?即便该付多少费用予承包商也不是由州政府自行决定而是由同样是公开招标委任的独立工程调查机构所决定。截至目前也不见独立工程调查机构被反贪会逮捕。

· 请魏家祥指名道姓到底是哪位槟州政府领袖在这项计划中贪污受贿了数百万令吉。他没胆量指名道姓,完全与希盟各领袖在1MDB金融丑闻课题上勇于指名道姓哪位领袖牵涉在背后,是谁让大马遭冠上欺世盗国的恶名。如果希盟政府敢于这么做,为何魏家祥惧怕?难道魏家祥他深知自己正在毫无证据的说谎,害怕被起诉?

· 请证明当以州秘书拿督斯里法力占为首的招标委员会透过公开招标发标该计划给Zenith,到底是如何不符最低缴足资本3亿8100万令吉的要求。 即便大马反贪委员会(MACC)在这项不存在的丑闻中如何不公平纠缠骚扰槟州政府,也不曾质疑过Zenith财团符合3亿8100万令吉缴足资本这项事实。