PFF has awarded approximately 300 scholarships over the last 3 years.(e/c)

Press Statement by the Chief Minister of Penang Lim Guan Eng in Komtar, George Town on 5 March 2018

Penang Future Foundation (“PFF”) started in 2015 as the Penang State Government’s initiative to aid outstanding and deserving Malaysian youths to pursue tertiary studies in public/private universities in Malaysia. With valuable contribution from the private sector and donors, especially the Penang Turf Club who recognize the importance of education and the need to retain local talents, PFF has awarded approximately 300 scholarships over the last 3 years. Selected scholars come from a diverse range of backgrounds and are enrolled in fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Accountancy and Finance.

Entering its fourth year, this scholarship fund intends to help the Penang State Government achieve our objective of building human talent to realise the potential expressed in the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) documentary describing Penang as Asia’s next Silicon Valley. Prospective students may apply to be either a ‘PFF Penang Scholar’ or ‘PFF Mutiara Scholar’. Interested candidates are advised to check the eligibility requirements for each category. Both categories have different eligibility criteria based on, among others, candidates’ financial background and scholastic record.

‘PFF Penang Scholar’ caters for those with CGPA of 3.67 and above whereas ‘PFF Mutiara Scholar’ is available for applicants whose CGPA is between 3.00 to 3.66. Successful applicants will receive benefits that correspond with the scholarship awarded to them. Detailed information on benefits and terms of the scholarship is available at PFF’s website (

Application window for PFF Scholarship 2018 will open from 1 June 2018 to 21 June 2018. Interested students are encouraged to keep a lookout for periodic announcements through the following channels –

PFF’s website at;

Buletin Mutiara’s distributed free copies;

social media websites including Facebook and Twitter; and

selected education fairs in Malaysia.



槟州政府透过创始于2015年的槟州未来基金会,用以帮助品学兼优的学生进入马来西亚国私立大专深造。有关基金会获私人界的支持与捐献,特别是来自槟城赛马公会, 因为他们都认同教育的重要性,更明白留住本地人才的迫切性。

槟州未来基金会在过去的3年来,颁发了约300份奖学金. 职是之顾,这些得奖的学生来自不同的生活背景,并进入科学、工艺、工程、数学、会计及金融领域就读。

来到第四年,槟州未来基金会希望可以提供更多的机会,以便留住我们的人才,避免这些优秀的学生外流,以实现BBC日前的报导 把槟城列为下一个亚洲矽谷。有关学生可按照各自的条件,申请“槟州未来基金会槟城奖学金”或者是“槟州未来基金会珍珠奖学金”。除了考量候选人的经济状况及学术记录外,各自的组别也拥有不同的资格要求,学生受促详读两个组别的条件要求再做出申请。



(a) 槟州未来基金会官网;

(b) 免费赠阅的《珍珠快讯》; 以及

(c) 社交媒体诸如脸书及推特

(d) 马来西亚的选定教育展