Abdul Rahman Dahlan Should Not Try To Sabotage My Right To A Fair Trial To Prove The Corruption Charges Against Me Is A Political Conspiracy In The Looming 14th General Elections But Focus On Explaining Why The Prosecution Is Amending The Charges Against Me 1 ½ Years After I Was First Charged.

Press Statement By Penang Chief Minister And DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On 14.1.2018.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Abdul Rahman Dahlan has again resorted to theatrics by implying that I deliberately attempted to delay my trial for corruption. This is untrue. Any person accused is bestowed the fundamental constitutional right to defend himself fully in court, especially to observe the basic principles of natural justice that accords the right to a fair trial.

Has Abdul Rahman conveniently forgotten that all 3 judges in the Court of Appeal agreed with my argument that my right to a fair trial was severely compromised when I had to submit my defence before the commencement of my trial? Clearly this is a valid and important constitutional provision that necessitated a ruling in the Federal Court.

There is greater weight, when such corruption charges are filed against an opposition leader and Penang Chief Minister, seeking to end to 61 year old rule of the longest ruling regime in the world. Therefore, Abdul Rahman should not try to sabotage my right to a fair trial, to prove the corruption charges against me is a political conspiracy in the looming 14th general elections, but focus on explaining why the prosecution is amending the charges against me 1 ½ years after I was first charged on July 2016.

I personally find the decision by the prosecution to amend charges disturbing, 1 ½ years after they first charged me. Even though the prosecution have every right to do so, they must do their work thoroughly and competently when they are charging a public figure who is also the Penang Chief Minister.

If the prosecution can do their work properly without amending criminal charges filed against cases involving minor offences, why can they not adopt the same professional standards against a Chief Minister? Whether this is part of a political conspiracy by the prosecution out to get me, will be up to the court of public opinion to judge. I will still vigorously defend myself to prove my innocence in the court of law.

Lest we forget I am also cited for contempt of court by the Attorney-General. Even though the Kuala Lumpur High Court threw out this contempt charge, the Attorney-General has recently filed an appeal with the Court of Appeal.



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