Stringent Police Security Should Ensure That Terrorist Threats From the Islamic state ISIL Terror Group, Should Neither Disrupt Our Daily Lives Nor Prevent The Coming Royal Visit By Prince Charles And His Wife To Malaysia Next Month.(e/c)

Press Statement By DAP Secretary-General And MP For Bagan Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On 12.10.2017.

Stringent police security should ensure that terrorist threats from the Islamic state ISIL terror group, should neither disrupt our daily lives nor prevent the coming royal visit by Prince Charles and his wife to Malaysia next month. Inspector General of Police Mohamad Fuzi Harun said that police have not received any terror threat to Britain’s Prince Charles’ but security will be tight for the high-profile royal event.

Fuzi was commenting on a challenge issued by an Islamic State fighter from Singapore to Prince Charles’ son, Prince Harry, a former army attack helicopter pilot, to come and fight the terror group in Syria and Iraq. Despite this, DAP has confidence that the Malaysian police when fully committed, has both the professional capacity and capability, to ensure that the Prince Charles royal visit here remains safe and trouble-free.

Prince Charles will also be visiting Penang from 6-8 November 2017. Fuzi added that the police had not received any threat to the upcoming royal visit, unlike the cancelled beer festival in Kuala Lumpur, where there was a specific terror threat to disrupt the event. Up till now, Fuzi had still not disclosed the specific terror threat to the cancelled beer festival, that was held without any problems for the previous five years.

The authorities must realise that if any event is cancelled because of a terror threat issued by a terrorist group, then the terrorist group wins because it has achieved its purpose of disrupting our daily lives and lifestyle. Similarly, if an official visit is cancelled because of a terror threat, this would be a humiliation for the authorities who are not seen as capable of maintaining public security, law and order.

DAP believes that the police, when allowed to do its professional job, has the ability to contain and ensure that any terrorist group in Malaysia can not just simply threaten and hold Malaysians to ransom with impunity. If we subject ourselves to such undisclosed terror threats and change our daily lifestyle, we will not only be surrendering our freedom but perhaps also our sovereignty as a nation.


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民主行动党秘书长兼峇眼区国会议员林冠英于2017年10月12日 在吉隆坡发表声明:





有关当局必需意识到,若有任何活动因恐怖组织发出的恐袭威胁而取消的话, 那就是恐怖组织的胜利,因为这已达致他们欲破坏我们日常生活及生活方式的目的。相同的,若一个官方访问因为恐怖威胁而被取消,这就是对有关当局的耻辱,他们将被视为没有能力维护公共安全、法治及次序。

行动党相信,警方若可以专业地执行他们的任务,他们绝对有能力遏制及确保在马来西亚的恐怖组织,不能贸然发出威胁、挟持马来西亚人民为人质,然后就这样逍遥法外。若我们受到这种未公开的恐怖威胁影响,并因此 而改变我们的生活方式,那我们不只是放弃我们的自由,我们也是交出了国家主权。