Speech during Broadcom Global Distribution Warehouse Opening Ceremony (e/c)

Good morning. I am pleased to be present today at the opening ceremony of Broadcom Global Distribution Warehouse at Batu Kawan Industrial Park. This Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) by this top American developer and global supplier of products based on analog and digital semiconductor technologies, marks the continued growth of investments into Penang.

Penang – E&E Sector Growth and Hub of Global Distribution

The World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) has projected that the global semiconductor sales will increase by 11.5% to reach USD377.8 billion this year, and the Asia Pacific region will experience the highest growth of 12.4%. Out of the RM59 billion approved investment recorded from 2008-2016, RM14 billion or 24% were from US investors, which makes US the largest FDI contributor to the Penang economy.

Penang is strategically located, with good connectivity a well-developed cargo distribution network supported by the Penang International Airport for air cargo and the Penang Port for sea freight. Batu Kawan is also strategically connected to the major highways such as the North South Expressway for land cargo transport.

The value of exports for Penang in Q1 2017 is RM52.9 billion an increase of 22% y-o-y compared to RM43.5 billion in Q1 2016. Penang’s export contribution to the total national export is 23.5%. This achievement in our exports to global markets is supported via the distribution, logistics and warehousing facilities in Penang.
Re-investment of Broadcom Global Distribution Hub in Penang

I am pleased that Broadcom will be relocating their two offshore warehouses into Batu Kawan Industrial Park and making this facility into their annual Global Distribution Warehouse, which is expected to manage an shipment of 4 billion units, directly supporting Broadcom Limited’s RM64 billion revenue. Broadcom Limited’s market capitalization is now #2, in the semiconductor industry (exclude memory manufacturers), valued at USD 97billion or RM445billion. The investments into this facility, excluding freight expenses, is valued at RM59 million.

Broadcom and Penang have grown together through the years. The company has deep roots in Penang starting from 1972 where they first set-up their operation in Penang as part of Hewlett Packard, located in Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone.

Clearly American companies are still investing in Penang. Other than the RM14 billion investments made by American companies from 2008-2016 mentioned earlier, I wish to add that this year itself American companies such as Boston Scientific has injected “hundreds of millions of Ringgit” and UST Global has announced the expansion of their new Bayan Lepas facility with a proposed headcount of 2,000 in Penang by 2020.

We also wish to thank the Minister of International Trade & Industry for the support given. The State government is of course supportive of Broadcom’s Global Operations consolidation and strategic synergy focused on R&D, Product engineering and Global supply chain.

As of July 2017, Broadcom Penang has 500 employees to support various positions mainly upper and middle management, planners, finance, product engineering, development and testing. Through the years, talents in Penang have been nurtured and given development opportunities to grow by Broadcom and the fruits of these efforts can be seen by the many global industry leaders from Penang.

Dato’ Tan Hock E, the Chief Executive Officer, President and Executive Director of Broadcom Limited is one such exemplary leader from Penang. Dato’ Tan is a well-known corporate figure instrumental in the successful M&A of Avago and Broadcom. He previously captained MNCs such as IDT and Integrated Circuit Systems.

Another Penang ‘lang’ is Dato’ BC Ooi, the Senior Vice President, Global Operations at Broadcom, responsible for managing worldwide manufacturing, outsourcing, procurement and logistics, planning and quality programs.

Companies based in Penang are also beneficiaries to Broadcom’s growth. According to Broadcom, some of their direct local partners in Penang includes Inari Technology, TF-AMD Microelectronics, ASE Electronics, Aemulus, National Instruments, Xcerra, Exis Tech, Experior Technology, Tessolve. Their outsource partners also engage with companies such as Vitrox and MI Equipments. This again shows the dynamic ecosystem and supply chain in Penang, reflected in our tagline ‘Powered in Penang’.

Broadcom’s Batu Kawan Global Distribution Warehouse will spur significant supply chain spin-offs in Penang and northern area of Malaysia. With Broadcom’s investment in this new global distribution centre, over 300 additional direct job opportunities will be created in Penang. Local freight and transportation activities will increase.

The State also wishes to acknowledge Broadcom’s important contribution to the public-private-people STEM initiatives in Penang, where the company has contributed to the Penang Science Cluster and the Penang International Science Fair, which is the largest science fair in Malaysia. This opening ceremony today further strengthens Penang as an established destination of choice for global investors.

I wish to once again congratulate Broadcom on the completion of this facility. As always, you can count on the State and Federal Government through agencies such as the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), InvestPenang and Penang Development Corporation to continue to facilitate and provide assistance whenever required.

——Mandarin Version —

槟州首长林冠英于2017年9月19日 在博通国际分销库房开幕礼上发表致词,重点如下:


早上好,很高兴来到峇都加湾工业园为博通国际分销库房(Broadcom Global Distribution Warehouse)主持开幕。这项由美国顶尖发展商及国际电子半导体科技产品供应商的外国直接投资计划,标志着前来槟州的投资额持续增长。

槟州 – 电子及电气业的增长并国际分销枢纽






显而易见地,美国公司仍旧选择在槟州进行投资。除了刚刚提到的美资于2008至2016年间投资额度高达140亿令吉以外,我也要补充,今年到目前为止,来自美国的BostonScientific已经“注资逾百万令吉”,USTGlobal 也公布2020年之前,要扩展其位于峇六拜新增厂房,预计增加2000个员工。

我们感谢国际贸易及工业部长的支持。 州政府欣然支持博通全球运作的整合及策略協同专注于产品研发,制造工程及全球供应链管理。
截至 2017年7月,博通有500位支缓高中层的管理、策划、财务、制造工程及测试的员工。这么多年来,高通提供了许多栽培人才于机会于槟城人, 我们可以从许多全球行业领袖是来自槟城看得出其成果。

拿督Tan Hock E身为高通的总裁、主席兼执行董事是槟城的杰出领袖。 他在博通及安华高成功合拼扮演着决定性的角色。他之前统领跨国公司如IDT和集成电路系统。

另一位槟城人是拿督黄文才, 博通的高级副总裁,负责全球运作流程里的制造,外包,采购,物流,策划及品质等计划。

立足槟城的企业也因博通的成长而得益。 博通的一些直接本地伙伴如益納利美昌(Inari Technology), TF-AMD Microelectronics, 日月光電子馬有限公司(ASE Electronics), 明试控股 (Aemulus),美国国家仪器(National Instruments), Xcerra (no Chinese name), Exis Tech ( no Chinese name), Experior Technology,(no Chinese name) Tessolve (no Chinese)。 他们外包的伙伴有伟特机构(Vitrox) 和 MI Equipments。这再次展现槟城充满活力的生态系统及供应体系,体现了我们的标语“Powered in Penang”
博通位于峇都加湾的全球分销库房将会刺激槟城及马来西亚北部的供应链。 博通的新全球分销中心的投资将会为槟城制造300 个额外的工作机会。本土的船运及交通活动也会增加。