Press Announcement : “Inventions Exhibition” by Chief Minister of Penang

Press Announcement : “Inventions Exhibition” by Chief Minister of Penang

Tech Dome Penang will have a special Inventions Exhibition brought all the way from the National Science and Technology Museum, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. This is their first international exhibition that is organized in Tech Dome and we are very proud that the prestigious National Science and Technology Museum has chosen Tech Dome.

This project takes up a total development cost of approximately RM 420,000. This exhibition will be held this year from Oct 1 – Dec 31 (3 months).

This very interesting exhibition shall be based on the G. S. Altshuller’s theories of inventive problem solving or better known as the renown TRIZ method of problem solving. TRIZ is a well-known problem solving methodology that is taught to engineers and innovators throughout the world.

You will be lead through the galleries by 3 alien characters who will show you the one hundred historical inventions for everyday life covering ancient and modern inventions and show you why inventions are important.

In this exhibition, you will get to understand the 40 principles of inventions through Altshuller’s analysis of 200,000 patents. Through these principles, the secrets of the “life inventions” i.e. things that we use in our daily lives will be unraveled. This exhibition shall also tell you about patents and how they are used.

The special feature about this exhibition is there will be interactive activities associated with the items in the exhibits to reinforce learning about inventions.

Penang has to be a knowledge and creative cluster that is a hub for ingenuity, inventions and innovations. This is crucial if we are to succeed in being part of Industry 4.0. This new wave of the future will cover Big Data Analytics (BDA), Cloud Computing, E-commerce, Crowd-sourcing and Internet of Things (IOT).

Towards this end we have taken several initiatives to establish Penang as a Centre of Excellence for science and technology, such as the RM 20 million Penang Science Café, RM 28 million Penang Tech Dome, RM23 million Penang @CAT, and the new RM 3 million Penang Digital Library – first 24-hour digital library. We hope these initiatives encourages them to take up Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

In conjunction with this exhibition, Tech Dome shall also conduct many workshops and training suitable for children and adults especially for engineers and technicians in how to invent and innovation especially using the TRIZ methodology.