Speech by Chief Minister of Penang At The Launching of Penang STEM (e/c)

Today marks an important chapter for Penang State Government in our effort to cultivate Science and Technology to encourage and awareness of Industry 4.0. I’m proud to be launching the island version of Penang STEM after having launched the mainland version last week with much success.

Klaus Schwab, the Chairman of World Economic Forum issues a warning that Industry 4.0 is fundamentally different from previous revolutions. It is not just a change in digital technology. It is a fusion of technologies and their interaction across the physical, digital and biological domains. It will fundamentally change the way we work and the way we live.

As you are aware, the Penang State Government has set the foundation for Penangites to be future ready, to benefit from the promises of the 4th industrial revolution and to avoid the perils of being left behind.

Over the past 6 years, the Penang State Government has been nurturing and establishing several STEM centres, namely the RM23 million Penang Science Cluster (PSC), the RM28 million Tech Dome Penang (TDP), the RM6 million Karpal Singh Penang Learning Centre (KSPLC), aCAT Penang (@CAT) and RM3.5 million Penang Digital Library (PDC). Each has been well received and successful in their own different ways.

However, not enough of our youth and children have sufficient awareness and access to quality Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) opportunities and programmes. That is why we have formed Penang STEM Sdn. Bhd, an umbrella organization consisting of 6 centres such as:

1. Penang Skill Development Centre (PSDC) which has been established 28 years ago
2. Penang Science Cluster (PSC)
3. Karpal Singh Penang Learning Centre (KSPLC)
4. Tech Dome Penang (TDP)
5. @CAT Penang (@CAT)
6. Penang Digital Library (PDL)

The 6 centres combined have over 250 STEM-related programmes. I would like to see these available, not only to the urban young, but also to the rural and to the ones neglected and left behind. STEM education has the power to open their minds to new career opportunities.

I expect to see Penang STEM playing a big role to help create human talent to drive and support the Digital Economy and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

This is the theme of Penang STEM’s logo – to be involved in Industry 4.0 involving Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, robotics, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT).

Thank you.


对槟州政府来说,今天是推广州内科学与工艺,以及工业4.0 的重要篇章。继上个星期所推介之槟城科学、科技、工程与数学计划威省版本获得空前成功后,我很荣幸在此推介槟城科学、科技、工程与数学槟岛版。

世界经济论坛年会主席,克劳斯 · 施瓦布曾经发出警戒,工业4.0 将有别于之前的工业革命。它不只是数码科技的改变,更是各种科技的结合,及它们之间跨越实体、数位及生化领域的相互交流。这将从根本上改变我们工作与生活的方式。


令吉的槟城圆顶科学馆、600万令吉的卡巴星学习中心、@CAT 槟城新创加速器及350万令吉槟州数码图书馆。每一个都获得不错的反响并各有所成。

但是,单单培养下一代对科学、科技、工程及数学的兴趣,并提供他们参与各种机会及学习项目,是不足够的。因此,我们成立槟城科学、科技、工程与数学有限公司(Penang STEM Sdn. Bhd),一个涵盖以下六个中心的综合组织:

1. 拥有28年历史的槟城技术发展中心(PSDC)
2. 槟城科学圈(PSC)
3. 卡巴星学习中心 (KSPLC)
4. 槟城圆顶科学馆 (TDP)
5. @CAT 槟城新创加速器
6. 槟城数码图书馆 (PDL)



这是槟城科学、科技、工程及数学有限公司的公司商标主题:加入工业4.0 就必须与大数据分析、云端科技、机器工艺、人工智能及物联网接轨。