Global Business Services by the sea (e/c)

Press Announcement on ‘GBS by the Sea’ Speech by YAB Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Penang

Good morning. I am pleased to announce the State’s latest development of ‘GBS by the Sea’, a visionary initiative by the State Government to develop the infrastructure for the growing Global Business Services (GBS) needs in Penang.

‘GBS by the Sea’ is our next key project in our master plan, following my launch 3 weeks ago at the ‘[email protected]’, which is the rejuvenation of Mayang Mall, and includes refurbishment works, a sparkling new building facade shared facilities and most importantly, infrastructure upgrades in line with MSC Malaysia Cybercentre standards.

Accelerating Penang’s Growth – GBS as Catalyst towards a Knowledge-based Economy

Outsourcing Malaysia (OM) projected that Malaysia’s GBS Sector will see a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10%-15% for the next three years. According to MDeC, in 2016, GBS companies with MSC status in Malaysia recorded a total revenue of RM18.4 billion. Penang, with its availability of talent, has and will continue to attract more investments in this sector. Penang is also proud that Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), in their Malaysia Investment Performance 2016 listed Penang with the second largest investments for Global Establishments for Services or ‘Principal Hub’ with an investment value of RM4.1 billion, after Kuala Lumpur.

The Penang State Government is committed to continually develop infrastructure that will enhance the 3rd wave of development of the services sector, encompassing GBS/SSO, BPO, Research & Development (R&D), Design & Development (D&D), and advanced manufacturing. The Penang Cyber City area encompasses the Bayan Baru Improvement District especially the GBS @ Mayang that was launched earlier. And now we have GBS by the Sea in Bayan Lepas Technoplex but differentiated by its location in a vibrant technology business park.

‘GBS by the Sea’ – An Oasis for the Global Business Services at Convenience of Sungai Tiram and Penang Channel

The GBS by the Sea is envisioned as an integrated centre for Global Business Services (GBS) and IT & R&D activities. The ‘GBS by the Sea’ located at Bayan Lepas will feature a landmark 9-storey building seafront building with an excellent view of the sea of the Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge.

This project is clearly a testament of the State’s long term vision to further synergize all stakeholders’ in GBS sector and to attract more GBS investments.

An approximate total of 411,000 square feet of MSC Malaysia Cybercentre office space, in two adjoining 8- and 9-storey buildings will be available once the building is completed in the year 2020. The campus will also feature MSC Cybercentre office space, multilevel 2,500 bays car parks, retails and F&B outlets. This development is expected to host 3,000 jobs.

Development and Growth for the Future Generation – [email protected]

The State’s concerted effort to enhance GBS infrastructure such as the development of [email protected] and GBS by the Sea is also to provide higher value jobs in the manufacturing industry through expansion and diversification to GBS and high value services such as R&D and D&D.

Penang must partake in the Industry 4.0 transformation which revolves around Big Data Analytics (BDA), e-commerce, crowdsourcing, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things (IoT). These will provide higher value jobs for the talents in Penang, and all our concerted effort towards this is to ensure talents in Penang will move towards high value jobs – and further attract and retain more talent into Penang.

With over 40 years’ of industrial experience, we have already developed Penang’s own trademark of ‘Powered in Penang’. Now, is the time for Penang to build and develop our brand of [email protected] for our services industry.

Thank you.

—-Mandarin Version —-

早上好,本人很高兴在这里宣布,为配合槟州政府所推广的发展愿景蓝图,以及州内持续增长的国际性商业服务需求,槟州政府将积极发展“滨海国际商业服务中心”(GBS by the Sea)相关的基础建设项目。

滨海国际商业服务中心是接续三个星期前为翻新Mayang Mall 而推展的‘[email protected]’之后,在我们发展蓝图中的下一个着重的主要项目。这个计划的重点包括修复与翻新工程,以及建设一座以公共设备为主的新建筑,最重要的,是提升基础设施以符合马来西亚多媒体中心网络资源的标准。

加快槟州发展步伐 – GBS 扮演转型成为以知识为本的经济体系的催化角色

马来西亚外展资源(Outsourcing Malaysia (OM) )预测我国国际商业服务领域在未来三年中,将取得百分之十到十五的平均年增长率。据马来西亚电子经济企业公司(MDeC)的资料显示,在2016年里,拥有多媒体技术认证的本地国际商业服务性质公司,获得总额高达184亿令吉的收入。槟城拥有丰富的人才资源,将延续发展趋势,继续吸引更多相关领域的投资。槟州获得马来西亚投资发展署,列为其2016年马来西亚投资表现名单的第二名,以41亿令吉的投资额度,仅次于首都吉隆坡,我们感到骄傲。

槟州政府将矢志,继续发展州内机要建设,来配合推动第三波的服务业发展趋势,并涵盖GBS/SSO, 商業流程委外(BPO), :研究和开发(R&D), 设计和开发 (D&D) 及先進位造技術。槟州城市网络中心,其范围包括峇央峇鲁发展区,以及早前推介的GBS @ Mayang。现在我们增加新的项目,就是坐落在峇六拜Technoplex,一个朝气蓬勃的科技商业园区中的滨海国际商业服务中心

滨海国际商业服务中心拥有Sungai Tiram 及Penang Channel地理位置优越条件的国际商业服务涌泉。




州政府一致努力加強滨海国际商业服务中心的基础设施,例如通过多元化的发展及扩充[email protected] 与滨海国际商业服务中心将会为制造业带来更多高价值性质的工作,:例如研究及开发。

分析大數據,電子商務,众包, 云端運算 及物联网都是槟城必须投入4.0 工业转型的范围。这些为槟城人才带来高价值性质的工作。 我们致力朝向这个方向确保槟城的人才转向高价值性质的工作,把人才吸引及留住于槟城。

以超过40年的工业经验, 我们已经把槟城发展成自成一格的“槟城的力量”。是时候把滨海国际商业服务中心发展成我们槟城服务业的品牌。