Malaysians Should Register As Voters To Protect The Democratic Gains Of The March 8 Political Tsunami And Save Malaysia From Corruption, Abuse Of Powers And Those Wanting To Steal Our Children’s Future.(e/c)

Press Statement By DAP Secretary-General And MP For Bagan Lim Guan Eng On The 9th Anniversary Of The Political Tsunami Of The 12th General Election In Kuala Lumpur On 8.3.2017.

On the 9th anniversary of the political tsunami of the 12th general election, Malaysians should register as voters to protect the democratic gains of the March 8 political tsunami and save Malaysia from corruption, abuse of powers and those wanting to steal our children’s future. Malaysians have seen a burst of hope following the political tsunami which saw BN losing its 2/3 parliamentary majority for the first time in history as well as 5 states to the opposition. However, BN’s destructive policies continue to threaten us, causing hardship to ordinary Malaysians that require a concerted national mobilisation to save our country.

Malaysians, especially youths, have only 2 weeks left to do so if we want to vote in the coming 14th general election. Malaysians need to vote to save our country from economic ruin caused by mammoth corruption such as the RM52 billion 1MDB financial scandal, RM4.2 billon donation scandal, RM4.3 billion FELDA-FGV scandal. This has led to the depreciation of the ringgit to its lowest point and the implementation of the much despised GST, that has failed to prevent inflation.

Malaysians must protect our fundamental rights under the Federal Constitution relating to basic human rights and religious freedom, respect the dignity and land rights of natives or orang Asli rights and also the right of Sabah and Sarawak to enjoy autonomy in healthcare, education and return 50% of all taxes collected in Sabah and Sarawak as well as pay 20% of oil royalty revenues.

Apart from the economy, we need to protect the environment and our forests from being destroyed by rampant logging, especially with more than 100,000 hectares of forest cleared in Kelantan. BN must be stopped from building two nuclear reactors following Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Nancy Shukri announcing that Malaysia is ready for nuclear power, as the final report of the Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR) Mission Phase 1 will be tabled to the Cabinet next week. Malaysia can not go nuclear at the risk of the safety and health of Malaysians.

Malaysians need to build up our human talent by giving the rights training, skills and education, especially in science and technology. It is distressing that Malaysia has scored poorly in science and maths, even losing out to Thailand and Vietnam. To ensure that our next generation can still compete globally, there must be a full revamp of our national education system to ensure that the pursuit of excellence is not compromised.

Finally, we must protect our institutions of Parliament and the judiciary under the Federal Constitution. The future of a successful country depends on the strength and health of our institutions. Unfortunately democracy and freedom is known only in its violation rather than for respecting such inalienable rights.

Only when our youths and women register and exercise their rights in the coming 14th general election, can we save Malaysia from those who are corrupt, abuse their powers, extremists and racists to return our country back to the people.

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除了经济,我们应该保护我们的环境、不让猖獗的砍伐活动破坏我们的森林、 特别是吉兰丹州超过10万公顷的森林被砍伐。我们必须停止国阵兴建两座核能发电厂,最近首相署部长拿督南西宣布,马来西亚已经准备好兴建核电厂,核电整合基础建设检视第一阶段报造已经完成,他们将在下个星期提呈给内阁。马来西亚不能冒险兴建核电厂,这将威胁马来西亚人民的安全及健康。