DAP condemns the arrests by BN of DAP leaders and Bersih (e/c)

Press Statement By DAP Secretary-General And MP For Bagan Lim Guan Eng In Penang On 18.11.2016.

DAP condemns the arrests by BN of DAP leaders, National Organising Secretary and MP for Seremban Anthony Loke and Selangor State Committee member Ronnie Liu earlier this evening as well as Bersih leaders, including Maria Chin Abdullah. Will there be more arrests in this latest police crackdown on the Bersih rally tomorrow under the so-called preventive detention?

DAP will not be surprised if the police would also arrest some red-shirt leaders to provide some sort of impression of fair-treatment to justify the action against opposition and Bersih leaders. DAP calls on BN to uphold the principle of peaceful freedom of assembly by allowing those who gather peacefully and acting against those who use violence.


—-Mandarin —



行动党绝对不会惊讶,要是警方也同时逮捕一些红衫军,制造看起来公平对待红黄集会的印象,以合法化他们采取行动对付净选盟及反对党领袖的举动。行动党吁请国阵坚守和平集会自由的原则,允许那些和平集会者能够和平集会, 并采取行动对付那些使用暴力的人士。