Deepest condolences to the Thai Royal Family, the Thai Government and the Thai People on the passing of His Majesty, King Bhumibol Adulyadej (e/c)

Press Statement By Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng In Komtar, George Town On 14.10.2016.

1. The Penang State Government wishes to extend our deepest condolences to the Thai Royal Family, the Thai Government and the Thai People on the passing of His Majesty, King Bhumipol Adulyadej. Thailand has lost a revered monarch who is a known peacemaker, an icon for moderation and modernity, and a unifying force for tolerance and stability. He will be missed by us all.

2. The devastating news came quite abrupt to us in Penang for it was only just last week that Crown PrincessMaha Chakri Sirindhorn had made a return visit to Penang for the second time in two years to foster closer friendship with the people of Penang. We also wish to extend our solemn condolences to HM Queen Sirikit and Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn and their families over the loss of their beloved King.

3. During his unparalleled 70-year reign as the longest servich monarch, the King had witnessed no less than 19 military coups, besides having been served by 35 Prime Ministers. As a constitutional monarch with limited powers since the abolition of absolute rule in 1932, he had steadfastly remained above politics, but on numerous occasions, he had risen to willingly offer his mediating hands in seeking solutions to national crisis.

4. From the mass prayers offered by the Thai people throughout the years the King was hospitalized, and the avalanche outpour of sadness and grief when news of the King’s demise was announced, it is a testament that the public reverence for King Bhumibol is genuine and heartfelt. We truly share their great sense of loss and grieve along.

5. King Bhumibol has given us a role model for his skills as a diplomat, his leadership as a reformist monarch, and his ability to reach out to ordinary people in Thailand as well as generated admiration overseas, including Penang and Malaysia. May our people-to-people ties be strengthened between both Malaysia and Penang with the Royal Kingdom of Thailand.

Chief Minister
The State Government of Penang


1. 对于泰王普密蓬驾崩,槟州政府向泰国王室、政府及人民致以最深切的哀悼。泰国失去了和平缔造者和令人爱戴的君主,一个温和与现代化的代表,他也是宽容和稳定的团结者,我们所有人都会怀念他。

2. 这消息对槟城人民而言是相当的突然,因为泰国公主诗琳通上周才到访槟城,这是她在2年内第2次造访槟,加强与槟城人民的联系。我们也向王后诗丽吉和王储玛哈.瓦吉拉隆功及他们的家属致以庄严慰问,因为他们失去了所爱的国王。

3. 泰王普密蓬带领泰国长达70年,是在位最久的君王,他见证不少过19次军事政变,经历了35个首相。作为一名在1932年废除君主绝对权力的宪法君主,他坚定坚持的超越政治,但在许多时候,他都出面解决国家的危机。

4. 泰王入院后,泰国人民多年来多次集体为泰王祈祷,泰王驾崩消息传出后,民众的悲伤和悲恸,说明了民众是真诚衷心的爱戴泰王普密蓬,我们对他们的悲恸和损失感到痛心。

5. 普密蓬国王已给我们立了一个榜样,他的外交能力、他的改革派君主领导力,还有他亲和接触泰国人民的能力,连海外人民也景仰他,包括槟城和马来西亚。愿马来西亚和槟城人民与泰国王室及泰国人民之间的联系能够加一步地加强。