Wesak Day Message(e/c)

Wesak Day Message By DAP Secretary-General And MP For Bagan Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On21.5.2016.

Social Harmony Can Only Be Achieved If Malaysians Unite Against Evils And Extremism; The Evils Of Injustice, Corruption And Abuse Of Power As Well As The Extremism Of Discriminating And Victimising Minorities.

This year’s Wesak Day theme of Buddhist Unity, Social Harmony reminds us of the importance of not only Buddhists but also Malaysians, uniting around universal good values of mutual respect for diversity and upholding human dignity. Social harmony can only be achieved if Malaysians unite against evils and extremism; the evils of injustice, corruption and abuse of power as well as the extremism of discriminating and victimising minority groups.

No one should be discriminated, insulted or even victimised because of his religious beliefs, the colour of his/her skin or economic background. Examples of such extremism include blaming Chinese businessmen as scapegoats for price hikes when it is caused by the implementation of GST or calling non-Muslim leaders as pigs or even stating that non-Muslim bumiputeras in Sarawak in disqualified from becoming the Sarawak Chief Minister because of their religion.

We need to stand together against such extremism so that we can unite against the evils seeking to destroy justice, integrity, good governance. We believe in a Malaysia that celebrates human dignity, social harmony and diversity. Social harmony and diversity come together. We can not have social harmony when we insist on uniformity and a regimented way of thinking that does not permit dissenting views.

For this reason, DAP urges the Malaysian Federal government to lift the ban on opposition leaders from travelling overseas, just because they criticise the BN Federal government overseas. Ban those who dare to rob our rakyat’s money or steal our children’s future but do not ban those who bravely fight for fundamental human rights or the right to have a free, fair and clean elections.