SRS Consortium appointed Project Delivery Partner (PDP) for The RM 27 billion Penang Transport Master Plan (TMP) To Mitigate Traffic Congestion By 2030 And Ensure Penang’s Prosperity Beyond 2050(e/c)

Press Statement by The Right Honourable Mr. Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Penang on Friday, 14 August 2015 in Komtar, George Town, Penang.

The Penang State Government announces the appointment of SRS Consortium as the Project Delivery Partner (PDP) for the RM27 billion Transport Master Plan (TMP) to mitigate traffic congestion by 2030 and ensure Penang’s prosperity beyond 2050.
After comprehensive study of all the proposals received, the State Exco on 12/8/15 has appointed SRS Consortium as the PDP for the implementation of the TMP, based on their extensive expertise on mass rail transit and related public transport infrastructure, as well as large-scale township development.

The SRS Consortium comprises well-known names in the engineering and construction and property development industry, namely publicly-listed Gamuda Berhad (60%), and Penang-based Loh Phoy Yen Holdings Sdn Bhd (20%) and Ideal Property Development Sdn Bhd (20%).

Following today’s announcement, the PDP will be working closely with the State Government in the next six months to ascertain the detailed execution masterplan, engineering designs, gather public feedback, and most crucially obtain all State and Federal approvals for each TMP component.

The appointed PDP will be tasked to execute the TMP with no cost-overruns and delays resulting from the non-performance of contractors. At the same time, the PDP will employ strict safety and environment protection standards and measures to minimise the TMP’s environmental and social impact.

The State Government emphasizes that all costs and expenses incurred will be fully borne by the PDP in the event that no approvals for each TMP component is obtained from the Federal Government. In other words the PDP fully bears the risk of expenses and cost incurred which will only be met from the project proceeding, when Federal Government approval is obtained.

With all approvals and planning for the various TMP Work Packages in place, the PDP will proceed to call for open tenders and invite tender submissions from interested parties. The State expects the first TMP project to be rolled out by 2017.

The Penang State Government faces the twin challenges of providing affordable housing and providing a effective and functional public transport. Whilst the problem of affordable housing will be overcome when 22,515 homes are built over the next 5-7 years with another similar number built by the private sector, traffic congestion remains almost insurmountable. The main obstacle is the refusal of the Federal Government to build a LRT or failing that to issue a license to the State Government to build and operate one.

The TMP is an ambitious ‘big-bang’ approach towards facing the biggest challenge of both traffic congestion and public transport by adopting the approach of “moving people, not vehicles”. The TMP’s ‘big-bang’ approach combines air, water, rail and road to provide a “once and for-all” solution to mitigate traffic congestion.

The Penang State Government is confident that the economic prosperity of our economy will be brought beyond 2050 if this final obstacle is removed. The next challenge will be constructing a financial architecture based on a land swap to finance the cost of at least RM 27 billion to fund the TMP. This important issue will only be addressed when all licensing approvals have been secured from the Federal Government by the PDP.


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SRS Consortium 受委为270亿令吉槟城交通大蓝图的计划执行伙伴(PDP)。槟城交通大蓝图将在2030年舒缓州内交通拥挤,确保槟城在2050年之后继续繁荣。

槟城州政府宣布SRS Consortium受委为270亿令吉槟城交通大蓝图的计划执行伙伴(PDP)。槟城交通大蓝图将在2030年舒缓州内交通拥挤,确保2050年之后继续繁荣。

经过对收到的所有计划书充分研究之后,槟城州行政议会于2015年8月12日委任SRS Consortium为计划执行伙伴( PDP)以执行槟城交通大蓝图。这项委任是基于他们对大型轨道运输及相关大众公共运输设施,还有大型城镇发展计划,既广泛又专精的知识 。

SRS Consortium 是由著名的工程、建筑与产业发展领域的企业所组成合资公司,当中上市公司金务达有限公司(Gamuda Berhad)占股(60%)、槟城本地公司骆宝燕控股占股(20%)及宏升产业集团占股(20%)。