Penang Will Be A Sustainable and Livable International And Intelligent City With Penang Tech Dome As The First Green Building By The Penang State Government.(e/c)

Press Statement by Penang Chief Minister and Chairman of Penang Green Council Lim Guan Eng on 2 June 2015 during the Press Conference for “Penang Green Carnival 2015” at 28th Floor, KOMTAR:

Branding for Penang is important that is synonymous with quality, reliability, safety, sustainability and integrity. Penang must find its own niche as an international city. Penang will be a sustainable and livable international and intelligent city that is clean, green, safe and healthy.

In our quest to make Penang the first green state of Malaysia, Penang is the first state to ban free plastic bags at shopping centers, ban polystrene boxes and achieve the highest recycling rate of 32%. We continue that quest by having the first Penang state government’s green building – the RM25 million Penang Tech Dome, our initiative to rekindle the young’s interest in science and technology.

In advocating “ownership” of the environment, we are organising various environmental education programs, providing environmental incentives through Penang Green Council. Penang Green Carnival is one of the platforms where we are putting all “green brains” together for progressive and constructive sustainable development. This year, we are aiming to make Tech Dome a certified green building by working together with the Malaysian Green Building Confederation (MGBC).

Penang is one of the most liveable cities not just in Malaysia but also in the Southeast Asia region. This was confirmed when ECA International Location Rating named Penang the Most Liveable City in Malaysia and 8th Most Liveable City in Asia, ahead of even the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur.

There are 7 elements of change towards retaining Penang’s premier position as the most livable and vibrant city in Malaysia.
1. Security and stability category such as crime rates and civil unrest.
2. Good governance and effective leadership,
3. Economic vibrancy and competitiveness, and
4. Quality of life and diversity.
5. Environmental friendliness and sustainability,
6. Heritage conservation, and
7. Intelligent city encompassing human, collective, digital, institutional and integrity intelligence.

Equally important is social cohesion and inclusion towards a shared society that allows democratic participation, respect for diversity and individual dignity, equal opportunity and prohibition of discrimination. Most crucial of all is equal opportunities for the young and talented to grow and fulfill their potential. Listening to the people, especially the young, on their environmental concerns is important if Penang is to succeed in our aspiration towards a green state.

After all we do not inherit the environment but merely borrow it from our children and it is our duty to return it at least in the same condition or even better.

Lim Guan Eng



随着槟州圆顶科技馆(Tech-Dome )立志打造槟州政府第一个绿色建筑, 槟州将成为永续及宜居的国际智能都市。




槟城不只是全马最宜居的城市之一,我们也东南亚最宜居的城市之一。国际人力资源研究及分析机构(ECA International)刚将槟城列为亚洲宜居城市的第8名,甚至在吉隆坡之前。

1. 良好的公共治安与秩序,使槟城成为犯罪率最低及政治最稳定的城市
2. 良好施政与有效领导
3. 充满动力与竞争的经济
4. 多元与富有品质的生活
5. 永续与友善的环境
6. 良好的古迹保护
7. 汇集人文、群体、数码、制度及廉正的智能城市