Speech during Jinko Opening (e/c)

Today is a special occasion for Jinkosolar to launch its facility plant in Penang, Malaysia. At this important moment, please allow me to represent the people of Penang to give you a very warm welcome!

China is progressively emerging to be the world leader in the field of solar energy. From the photovoltaic industry value chain point of view, China accounted for more than 60% of the polysilicon production capacity, and more than 80% of the solar cell and module capacity.

Jinkosolar is the leader in the field of solar energy development. Its integrated industry value chain is ranked the world’s top three currently. Jinkosolar plans to have distribution of globalized industry value chain in South Africa and Portugal, and now in Penang, Malaysia.

Penang is a location of chance for investment and destination of choice for tourists. We contribute 25% of Malaysia’s exports and imports and host all the top electrical and electronic companies in the world. This is reflected in Penang being a fully industrialized state with both manufacturing and services contributing 95% of Penang’s GDP of RM 63 billion in 2013. To escape the middle – income trap and be a high income economy, Penang seeks to transform itself into an international and intelligent city that is clean, green, safe and healthy. To be an international city we must be livable, a hub for art and culture. We are proud that Penang is the most livable city in Malaysia according to ECA International. Penang has an UNESCO World Heritage Site in Georgetown and we are gaining a reputation as Malaysia’s entertainment city.

More importantly Penang believes in good governance to spur economic prosperity and our CAT governance of competency, accountability and transparency has enabled Penang to fight corruption adopt open tenders that has won praise from Transparency International. Indeed Penang is a platform for the young and a promise for a brighter tomorrow because we are committed to preparing the future for the young and also preparing our young for the future. We thank you for coming to Penang and are confident that you have made the right choice!

Last but not least, I sincerely wish Jinkosolar have a flourishing business in Penang, Malaysia and a thriving prosperous future.

Thank you everyone.

—-Mandarin —-




槟城是投资者及游客的首选地,我们贡献了马来西来进出品的25%,同时也是全世界电子电气公司设厂的地方。这反映槟城是个全面工业化的州属,2013年,我们的制造业及服务业贡献了槟城国民生产总值的95%,达630亿令吉。为了逃离中等收入陷阱成为高收入经济体,槟城希望转变成为一个净、绿、安、康的国际智能城市。要成为国际城市,我们必须是一个宜居城市,也是艺术及文化中心。我们感到光荣,国际人力资源研究及分析机构(ECA International)将槟城列为全马最宜居的城市。槟城乔治市也是联合国科教文组织承认的世界文化遗产,我们也慢慢地建立起马来西亚娱乐城的名誉。最重要的是,槟城相信良好施政可以促进经济繁荣,我们的能干、公信、透明(CAT)施政也让槟城可以通过公开招标反贪。槟城是一个年轻人的平台,能许他们一个未来,因为我们随时随地都在为年轻一代的未来做准备,也让他们做好面对未来的准备。谢谢你们来到槟城,你们做了对的选择!