Why Are The Taman Medan Church Protesters And The Brother Of The Inspector-General of Police(IGP) Not Arrested, Handcuffed And Put Under Remand Similar To What Is Suffered By PR Leaders And Malaysian Insider Journalists?(e/c)

Press Statement By DAP Secretary-General And MP For Bagan Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On 23.4.2015.

DAP is surprised at the double-standards and special treatment by the police on the Taman Medan church protesters in Petaling Jaya, who committed the barbaric act of protesting against a church and forcing it to take down the sign of the cross from their premise. Why are the Taman Medan church protesters and the brother of the Inspector-General of Police(IGP) not arrested, handcuffed and put under remand, similar to what is suffered by PR leaders and Malaysian Insider journalists?

The Inspector-General of Police’s brother Datuk Abdullah Abu Bakar, who is also the Taman Lindungan Jaya Umno branch chief, only spent a mere four hours at the Petaling Jaya police headquarters answering questions about his prominent role in the Taman Medan church protest. In contrast, PR leaders such as a Selangor State EXCO member was held for 3 days and journalists overnight in a police lockup.

The prominent role played by the IGP’s brother followed The Star’s report today confirming that a certain Victoria Selammal of the Community of Praise Petaling Jaya Church had lodged a police report on Tuesday night against Sunday’s protesters. According to the Star, Victoria met Abdullah after her church service on Sunday, who had then furiously ordered the church to take down the cross. Fearing for the safety of the church and herself, she agreed to take down the cross at 1pm. Abdullah further threatened to report the church to the Petaling Jaya City Hall.

By refusing to arrest, handcuff and put Abdullah under police remand, the police have shown special treatment and double-standards. Is this due to the fact that Abdullah is the brother of the IGP? To prove that the police investigation are professionally done without fear of favour, the IGP must step aside and allow his deputy IGP to take over in the interim period of the police investigation.

How can the public confidence lost be regained when the impression given is that instead of upholding the law the IGP appears to be more interested in protecting his own brother? His initial act of immediately clearing his brother of any wrongdoing by leading the barbaric and extremist protests, shows the urgency and necessity of stepping down as IGP temporarily until investigations are completed.

The barbaric act of UMNO Selangor leaders and a brother of the Inspector-General of Police(IGP), in forcing a church to take down a cross proves that the Sedition Act is used as a political weapon against PR and those who oppose BN, when either the IGP or the Home Minister alone can decide whether investigation will be done without fear or favour.

Lim Guan Eng

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全国总警长的哥哥拿督阿都拉阿布峇卡也是Taman Lindungan Jaya的巫统区部主席,他只是在八打灵再也警察总部待了四个小时针对他在美丹花园基督教堂前示威的举动接受调查。相反地,民联领袖如雪州行政议员却被扣留三个晚上、记者也被扣留在警局一个晚上。

英文报《星报》也在今天进一步确认全国总警长的哥哥在示威人士中扮演重要的角色,八打灵再也基督教堂(the Community of Praise)修女维多利亚舍拉玛已经在星期二晚上针对星期日的示威报警。根据《星报》报道,维多利亚在星期日礼拜后见到阿都拉,当时他怒气冲冲地命令她拆除基督教堂的十字架。为了教堂及她本人的人身安全起见,她在下午1时同意拆除十字架,阿都拉还恫言向八打灵再也市议会举报。