To Promote Their Standing In Society And Protect Their Economic Rights, The Indian Community Must Work With Other Malaysians Through The Principles Of Democratic Rights, Rule Of Law And Uphold Integrity Against Corruption.(e/c)

2015 Thaipusam Message By DAP Secretary-General And MP For Bagan Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On 2.2.2015.

To promote their standing in society and protect their economic rights, the Indian community must work with other Malaysians through the principles of democratic rights, rule of law and uphold integrity against corruption. Only when the minority work with the majority groups through fundamental principles enshrined in our Federal Constitution, can the basic human rights, political and civil liberties as well as the economic interests of all communities be protected.

Unfortunately, racists and religious extremists have now gained prominence by questioning the rights and freedoms of minorities. That is why celebrating Thaipusam is so important as an endorsement of moderation and rejection of the dangerous ideas represented by these racists and religious extremists. Further celebrating Thaipusam also demonstrates that all Malaysians, Muslim and non-Muslim, Malay and non-Malay support the fundamental right of freedom of religion.

Democratic rights and rule of law is an integral part of our Federal Constitution and Malaysian way of life. Even local government elections was once part of the democratic process in the first 8 years of our nation’s history before it was banned in 1965.It is sad and regrettable that there are still top political leaders who are so ignorant of history, logic, reason and wisdom that they oppose local government elections by equating it as undemocratic, fails to guarantee justice and also so racist that it can lead to a repeat of the 1969 May 13 racial riots.

Malaysia is one of the few countries in the world that does not permit local government elections. Malaysia is also one of the few countries in the world that fails to address corruption and punish those who lived beyond their means. This is highlighted by the RM1.4 trillion in illicit funds flowing out of the country from 2003-2013 or a loss of RM50,000 for every Malaysian.

Malaysians have paid a heavy price for this failure to uphold integrity in leadership as shown by Malaysia household indebtedness (87.1% of gross domestic product as at September 2014), as the highest in Asia by the World Bank’s estimates, having ballooned to RM854.3 billion (86.8% of GDP) in 2013 versus RM243.2 billion (67.2% of GDP) in 2002.

Only when we look stop looking at our problems and solutions through the prism of race or religion, but through the prism of principles and policies, can we be part of the solution and not part of the problem.


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民主权利及法治精神是联邦宪法的基本组成部分, 也是马来西亚人民的生活。就连地方政府选举曾经也是我国独立时首八年民主过程的一部分, 它在1965年才被禁止。令人伤心及遗憾的是,我国政治高层中,还有一些领袖对历史、逻辑、理由及智慧如此无知,以致他们竟然反对地方政府选举,还将它与不民主、无法确保公义、种族主义、1969年513事件划上等号。