DAP Annual National Political Retreat

Press Statement By Penang Chief Minister And DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On 18.1.2015

The DAP Annual National Political Retreat of 37 DAP MPs and 105 State Assemblypersons held over 3 days in One-City Hotel in Subang to determine the direction of the country, the role of DAP and our role within PR for 2015. The Retreat took several decisions to focus on the difficult economic conditions that has imposed almost unbearable burdens on ordinary Malaysians, the failure of good governance as demonstrated sadly by the national flood crisis in the East Coast as well as the increasingly violent threats of extremism, racism and oppressive laws towards the moderate identity, harmonious nature and democratic character of Malaysia

The National Political Retreat agrees to adopt a more pro-active approach to defend the economic livelihood of ordinary Malaysians, especially on the adverse impact if GST. At the last Penang EXCO meeting, the Penang state government had decided to consult with lawyers to study whether the implementation of the GST can be challenged in courts for the GST to be deferred to give more time for Malaysians to adjust to its negative impact.

The demands by some quarters in the Federal government for the private sector to reduce prices following the drop in petrol can only be honest, credible and professional, if the BN takes the lead and show leadership by example through instructing TNB to take the lead to reduce electricity tariffs. Since the generation or purchase of power is related to the oil price, the drop by more than 50% from US$105-110 per barrel to less than US$50 per barrel, should also similarly reduce TNB’s costs.

The failure of TNB to reduce electricity tariffs would severely undermine if not negate any efforts by the Federal government to seek a reduction of prices of goods and services by the private sector.