Penang To Press Ahead With An Open And Competitive Tender To Implement The RM27 billion Penang Transport Master Plan(en/cn)

Press Conference Statement by Chief Minister of Penang, Mr Lim Guan Eng on Friday, 25 July, 2014 in KOMTAR, George Town, Penang.

The Penang State Government at its State EXCO meeting yesterday has decided to go ahead with its plan to call for an open and competitive tender (Request for Proposal) to appoint a Project Delivery Partner (PDP) to help implement the RM27billion Penang Transport Master Plan.

This Request for Proposal is based on the recommendations as contained in the Penang Transport Master Plan Strategy for implementation from 2014 to 2030.

The Penang State Government intends to achieve for both Penang Island and Seberang Perai : (i) a well-defined and fully connected road network and dispersal system and (ii) a well-integrated and sustainable public transport systems (both land and sea mode). In other words, this will combine buses, trams, MRT and water taxis.

The Project Delivery Partner (PDP) concept is chosen by the Penang State Government so as to assist in facilitating delivery of the overall Transport Master Plan strategy including system integration. The Penang Transport Master Plan encompasses both the mainland and the island to ensure that the mainland is not left out but is part of an integrated and holistic public transport system that can benefit all 1.6 million Penangites.

They are also responsible to ensure smooth implementation, successful delivery and performance of the work packages with their respective target costs and completion dates.

For public transport projects ( both land and sea mode), the Project Delivery Partner (PDP) is responsible for the delivery of fully commissioned systems to the State Government and must meet all the requirements of the Federal Government, existing laws and relevant authorities.

The tender will be opened after the Hari Raya break on 15 August 2014 and will close on 16 December 2014. Another press conference will be held then.

Tenderers are allowed to form a consortium or a joint venture with local or foreign companies. The paid up capital or shareholders’ fund of the lead company ( in the case of joint venture/ consortium shall not be less than RM 500 million.

They must also have a track record of at least two large scale projects of at least RM500 million each currently undertaken or successfully completed in the last five years.

They must have track record of at least one highway or public transport project with minimum RM500 million in contract value in progress or successfully completed in the last ten years.

The State Government will consider proposals by the tenderers as regards Funding/ Business models by way of land swap with development potentials and especially where Transit-oriented Development concept can be applied along the proposed transit corridors.

The successful implementation of the Penang Transport Master Plan will ensure the continuous growth of the Penang economy and uplift the standard and quality of life in the State in her quest to be a location of choice for investors, tourists and a habitat of choice for a livable and sustainable environment.