PR 2013 General Election Manifesto Clearly Does Not Include Implementing Hudud Law On Muslims In Kelantan In Contrast To BN’s Confused Position Of Wanting To Implement Hudud Law When UMNO Is Talking But Opposing Its Implementation When Non-UMNO BN Parties Speak.(en/cn)

Press Statement By DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng And MP For Bagan In Kuala Lumpur On 24.5.2014.

PR 2013 general election manifesto clearly does not include implementing hudud law on Muslims in Kelantan in contrast to BN’s confused position of wanting to implement hudud law when UMNO is talking but opposing its implementation when non-UMNO BN parties speak. Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is the one that has to explain to the people about BN’s conflicting stand on the hudud problem, when even PAS openly admits that implementing hudud is not in PR 2013 general election manifesto or PR common policy.

DAP had always consistently opposed implementing hudud. In contrast UMNO says BN supports implementing hudud whilst the rest of the BN component parties opposes – Can the real BN on hudud please stand up? Or is this another reminder that only UMNO’s views count and not the non-UMNO BN parties. For this reason, DAP’s parliamentary candidate for Teluk Intan Dyana Sofya is a better person than BN’s Mah Siew Keong in opposing the implementation of hudud because this objective is not in the PR common policy framework.

On the other hand Mah would likely have to toe the UMNO line. As a matter of record, Gerakan has always blindly supported UMNO’s positions on all issues, especially during the voting of bills in Parliament or state assemblies. Mah has even broken his own promise not to contest in elections if he wins the Gerakan Presidency.

Clearly Mah will be no different from former Gerakan President Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, who had promised not to accept appointment of Senatorship and Ministerial position if he lost in the 2008 general elections. History had proven that the Gerakan Presidents has a history of not keeping their promises.

It is wrong for Muhyiddin to falsely claim that DAP has been silent on this issue when our leaders and our parliamentary candidate has publicly declared their stand. However Muhyidin has been silent on the issue by not daring to declare Mah’s stand on implementing hudud.