The Inspector-General Of Police Statutory Duty Under The Police Act Is To Punish Crime And Uphold The Law, Not Play Politics According To His Personal Whim And Fancy.(en/cn)

Press Statement By DAP Secretary-General And MP For Bagan Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On 13.4.2014.

The Inspector-General of Police’s(IGP) statutory duty under the Police Act is to punish crime and uphold the law, not play politics according to his personal whim and fancy. Otherwise he is not fit to hold the post of IGP but definitely fit to enter politics and contest in the general elections.

The abduction of a son of a Seremban woman, S. Deepa, from her lawful custody by her ex-husband is a sad family affair. But what started out as a personal family matter is turning into a national controversy because of the refusal of the IGP to uphold the law. Two former law ministers Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz and Datuk Seri Zaid Ibrahim have even taken the police to task over their claim that they could not act on S. Deepa’s ex-husband because he had obtained a custody order from the Syariah Court.

Both had stated that this was a clear-cut case of kidnapping. Even a custody order does not empower a person to use violence to get back one’s child. Should the parent not obey the custodial order to surrender the child, then the parent can be cited for contempt and punished by the courts accordingly. Courts never permit a parent to use violence or break the law as suffered by S.Deepa.

Clearly the IGP has chosen to play politics and defied both the High Court’s civil laws and Cabinet. Nazri was Law Minister in 2009 when the Cabinet decided that children be raised in the “common religion at the time of marriage”, should one of their parents convert. He had said then that a spouse who converted to Islam would also have to fulfil his or her marriage responsibilities and sort out issues according to civil marriage laws. He added that religion should not be used as a tool to escape marriage responsibilities.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak should affirm the 2009 Cabinet decision and direct the IGP to act or else admit that his 1Malaysia slogan is dead and buried. There is no point for BN component parties like MCA, Gerakan and MIC to play a double-faced charade of criticising the IGP when they are still part and parcel of the government they support that allows such travesty of justice.

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很明显地, 总警长选择玩弄政治、违抗高庭的民事判决及内阁的决定。纳兹2009身任法律部长时,内阁决定,如果父母一方改教,孩子将在父母结婚时的共同宗教里被抚养。他说改教信仰伊斯兰的一方需根据民事婚姻法履行婚姻的义务及解决问题。他也说,宗教不能成为逃避婚姻责任的工具。