Adenan can make his mark by resolving 3 major issues(en/cn)

Press Statement By DAP Secretary-General And MP For Bagan Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On 1.3.2014.

DAP congratulates 70 year old Adenan Satem for being appointed as Sarawak’s fifth chief minister after taking his oath of office before Yang Dipertua Negeri Abang Muhammad Salahuddin Barieng yesterday. Even though Adenan is taking over from the longest serving Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, who held the post for 33 years, Adenan can make his mark by resolving 3 major issues.

One, ensuring Sarawak has a fair share of its own natural resources by getting the BN Federal government to increase the oil and gas royalties from the present 5% to 20%. Increasing royalty payments would help Sarawak to enjoy as good a highway and basic infrastructure as in Peninsular Malaysia.

Two, ensuring the implementation of the BN 2013 General Election manifesto by abolishing the cabotage policy to ensure that Sabahans and Sarawakians pay the same price for goods and services as their Peninsular Malaysians counterparts. It is grossly unjust and downright economically discriminatory that one year has elapsed since March 5th 2013 and yet Sarawakians are still paying higher for the same good or services than those from Peninsular Malaysian state. Sadly the promise in the 2013 Barisan Nasional manifesto of “One Malaysia, One Price” remains an empty promise.

Three, uplift poverty so that Sarawak breaks out from the vicious poverty cycle as the third poorest state in Malaysia. Many rural villages do not even enjoy basic amenities of water, electricity and health services. Despite having the 2nd highest GDP per capita in Malaysia at RM33,000, the Social Statistics Bulletin records that Sarawak has only 7 rural clinics out of 212 government run health facilities.

Sarawak also have the 2nd highest number of workers with no formal education after Sabah, accounting for 22.6% out of the national total. Together with those who only have primary education, they make up 35.4% of the national workforce who are considered functionally illiterate as classified by the World Bank. If Adenan can resolve these 3 major issues for Sarawak, his era will be a more significant one than the longest serving Chief Minister in Malaysian history.

Lim Guan Eng

——Mandarin Version ——



第一、 确保砂州拥有天然资源的公平分配,向联邦政府要求增加石油及天然气税务从5%至20%。增加石油及天然气税务将让砂州享有像马来半岛一样的高速公路及基础建设。

第二、 确保国阵兑现2013年大选宣言,废除船运政策,确保沙、砂享有与马来半岛一样价格的货物及服务。2013年3月5日至今已经一年了,砂拉越人民却在缴付比马来半岛人民还高的货物及服务价格,这是不公平及经济上的歧视。2013年国阵的竞选宣言:“一个马来西亚、一个价格”只是空洞的口号。

第三、 改善砂拉越的贫穷问题,让砂拉越脱离马来西亚第三个最穷州属的恶性循环。砂州很多郊区甚至没有基本的水源、电源及卫生服务。尽管它的国内生产总值达3万3000令吉,排全国第二,但是社会统计报告显示在212年政府管理的医疗所中,砂拉越只有7个郊区诊所。