If BN Continues To Trivialise The Climate Of Fraud, Bribery And Corruption That Is Presently At A “Rather Dangerous” Trend, Malaysia Will Not Be Able To Eliminate Poverty And Remain Stuck In The Middle-Income Trap.(en/cn)

DAP 2014 Ponggal Day Message By DAP Secretary-General And MP For Bagan Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On 14.1.2014.

BN continues to turn a blind eye to the shocking survey results by international accounting firm KPMG that fraud, bribery and corruption are at a “rather dangerous” trend and an inevitable part of doing business in Malaysia. KPMG’s survey conducted between March and August 2013, received about 100 responses from some 1,000 public-listed companies. Over a quarter of the respondents were either chief executive officers (CEOs) or Chief Financial Officers (CFOs).

About 80% believe that bribery and corruption have increased over the last three years, while 64% say that business cannot proceed unless bribes are paid. 81% agreed that they paid bribes to secure routine administrative approvals from government agencies. 83% acknowledged that fraud was a problem when doing business in Malaysia.

The abdication of duty by the Attorney-General Chambers in dropping charges of cheating against former transport minister and ex-MCA deputy president Chan Kong Choy over the RM12.85 billion Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal merely serve to confirm KPMG’s survey. BN must be reminded that if they continue to trivialise the climate of fraud, bribery and corruption that is presently at a “rather dangerous” trend, Malaysia will not be able to eliminate poverty and remain stuck in the middle-income trap.

The refusal by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission(MACC) to see the results of KPMG’s survey as a wake-up call is disappointing because it shows that MACC is in a state of denial about their utter ineffectiveness in combating corruption or inept failure to establish integrity and clean leadership. Not only is MACC unmoved that the Wall Street Journal and Transparency International have declared Malaysia as the world champion of corruption with RM1.2 trillion of illicit funds outflow over 10 years from 2002-2011, no action has been taken over wrongdoings and excessive spending exposed in the 2012 Auditor-General’s Report involving RM6.5 billion.

In this 2014 Ponggal message, DAP calls for renewal in fighting corruption by adopting these 6 steps of integrity:-

1. Instituting public declaration of assets of the Prime Minister, Ministers, Chief Minister and the EXCO members vetted by an international accounting firm.

2. Implementing open competitive tenders.

3. Bar family members from involvement in government contracts.

4. Protect genuine whistleblowers.

5. Remove leaders with extravagant lifestyles.

6. Come clean on political donations.

Establishing integrity will not only bring human dignity but also economic dignity to Malaysians that reward hard work and gives equal opportunities to all. Only with economic dignity can Malaysia eliminate poverty and develop into high-income economy.


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总检察长放弃职责,辙销对于前任交长兼总马华署理会长陈广 才在128亿5000万令吉巴生港口自贸区丑闻中的欺诈控状,证明了毕马威的调查报告。我们要提醒国阵,如果国阵继续把欺诈、贿赂及贪污当成小事,忽略它已经出现“相当危险”的趋势,马来西亚将不能除贫,并永远受困在中等收入陷阱中。

马来西亚反贪委员会不愿面对毕马威的调查报告是一个让人失望的警钟,它显示不反贪委一直处于否认状态,即他们没有能力反贪也没有能力树立廉洁领导。不只反贪委对于《华尔街日报》及国际透明组织已经宣布马来西亚的非法资金外流在2002-2011年达到1.2兆令吉,成为世界贪污冠军,但是,2012年总稽查报告所揭发的理财不当及过度花费, 但是却无人受到对付。


1. 制度化公布财产,让首相、部长、首长及行政议员公布财产,并由国际会计公司审核

2. 推行公开招标

3. 禁止家庭成员涉及政府合约。

4. 保护真正的吹哨人

5. 撤换生活方式挥霍的领袖

6. 清楚交代政治捐献