Kolej Damansara Utama(KDU) University Will Be Established On A 10-Acre Site In Batu Kawan Offering Degree Courses In Engineering, Accounting. Information Technology And Hospitality.(en/cn)


Kolej Damansara Utama(KDU) University Will Be Established On A 10-Acre Site In Batu Kawan Offering Degree Courses In Engineering, Accounting. Information Technology And Hospitality.

The Penang State Government and PDC’s efforts to promote quality education received another boost with the sale of 30 acres of land for the purpose of setting up a KDU University College and a future KDU University in Batu Kawan. The sale of land is to Paramount Corporation Berhad (Paramount), parent company of Paramount Property and the KDU Education Group.

This is the second university project in Batu Kawan following the announcement two days ago of the University of Hull from United Kingdom. Hull University will be offering by the latest 2017 courses in law, accounting, logistics, engineering and business studies.

This university college project was planned to support PDC’s policy to promote and sell land to attract catalyst projects especially education and services in Batu Kawan to complement the rapid industrial and housing development sectors there. KDU’s proposed university expected to be set up in 5 years is located on the mainland close to the 2nd Penang Bridge, comprises 10 acres of institutional land set aside for the development of a new university college and future university, and 20 acres of land for mixed development.

Paramount is required to obtain all approvals from relevant authorities and complete this development at its own cost. KDU College Penang is currently working towards a University College accreditation, in line with the vision of Malaysia’s Ministry of Education to make the state/country a center of higher education excellence.

The land deal is timely because the new KDU campus in Batu Kawan, would feature facilities that are more in line with the requirements of a university college and future university that will offer degree courses in:
– engineering,
– accounting
– business,
– pre-university studies,
– hospitality,
– culinary and tourism,
– information systems,
– mass communications,
– design and
– English

The education programmes will have a strong focus on skills development, sustainability issues and a spirit of entrepreneurship as a core component of their curriculum. Penang possesses huge potential to grow as an education hub because of its liveability and good security and the fast growth of the middle class. Penang now offers a full range of educational institutions for domestic and foreign students with international schools, specialised and comprehensive tertiary institutions and professional institutions to provide training and upgrading of skill eg PSDC.

The presence of KDU campus in Batu Kawan, plus other catalyst services inclusive of the distinguished Hull University, augur well for education and knowledge-based projects planned by the State and PDC. This is in line with the emphasis of the Penang Paradigm (Penang’s development framework for creating an international and intelligent State) on cultivating human capital by training, retraining and attracting talent as well as collaborating with universities to structure high quality curriculum with knowledge-led growth.

The KDU Education Group includes the reputable Sri KDU Smart Schools, KDU College in Penang and KDU University College, a pioneer in Pre-U and twinning programmes with campuses in Damansara Jaya and Petaling Jaya. The KDU Group celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, and has produced 80,000 students since its inception, some of whom include corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and celebrities around the globe.

Lim Guan Eng







– 工程
– 会计
– 商业
– 大学先修班
– 酒店
– 餐饮及旅游
– 资讯系统
– 大众传媒
– 设计
– 英语



伯乐教育集团包括著名的Sri KDU Smart Schools,槟城伯乐学院,伯乐大学学院,大学先修班及双联课程创办者,他们在白沙罗及八打灵再也设有分校。今年是伯乐集团成立30周年,自创办以来栽培了来自全球的8万名学子,许多校友已是企业界领袖及名人。