Can The Prime Minister Walk The Talk By Guaranteeing That The Registrar Of Societies(ROS) Will Not Abuse Its Powers By Deregistering The DAP If DAP Files A Legal Suit In Court Challenging The Directive To Hold Re-elections As An Arbitrary And High-handed Abuse Of Power That Is Both Unlawful And Without Any Legal Basis?

Press Statement By DAP Secretary-General And MP For Bagan Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On 17.8.2013

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak claimed UMNO was a credible political party that played by the rules and was ready to walk the talk. If so then why was UMNO ordered to be deregistered by the High Court in 1989 after an application by UMNO members for malpractices and not playing by the rules during the 1987 party elections?

Najib is repeating the lies of Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times and a vicious fictitious account by one Father Augustus Chen who does not even exist, that DAP had allegedly failed to notify 753 members of its Central Executive Committee (CEC) election last year. Even the ROS knows that this is a lie when the ROS refused to state this as the reason or any other reasons for that matter, in ordering DAP to hold re-elections. By only saying that it is dissatisfied without giving any reasons, it is clear that the ROS is unable to do so because it has no valid reasons whatsoever to give.

However, DAP is compelled to submit to this grave injustice and abuse of power by ROS in the interests of the party’s very survival. DAP leaders are worried that ROS may use the pretext of DAP challenging the ROS decision in court to further abuse their powers by de-registering the DAP. There were 3 clear instances of such threats of the political survival to the DAP:-

· the announcement by the Home Minister Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, before the ROS had even informed the DAP, that the DAP has been directed to hold fresh re-elections is a clear indication that the ROS is neither an independent nor an impartial authority but acting solely under the political dictates of BN;

· when DAP’s repeated requests to the Registrar of Societies to be supplied with the complaints made against the party were completely ignored; and

· the shocking refusal of the ROS to even see me in my capacity as DAP Secretary-General on the reasons why and under what powers are re-elections called is not only unprofessional but proves its oppressive, repressive and suppressive intent against the DAP.

DAP leaders can not passively wait to die but must be pro-active to fight for our survival in face of such overt hostility and mala fide intent of the ROS towards the DAP. Much as DAP leaders wanted to challenge the ROS in courts to prove that the DAP CEC elections were conducted cleanly and properly as verified by an international accounting firm, there were genuine concerns that filing a judicial review may trigger further action by the ROS in the form of deregistration of the party.

Can the Prime Minister walk the talk by guaranteeing that the ROS will not abuse its powers by deregistering the DAP if DAP files a legal suit in court challenging the directive to hold re-elections as an arbitrary and high-handed abuse of power that is both unlawful and without any legal basis? If the Prime Minister can give such a guarantee, then DAP will file a judicial review in court immediately to correct an obvious travesty of justice. Otherwise DAP has to face the reality of the brutality of ROS abuses of power by follow the ROS directive to hold re-elections even though DAP has done no wrong.


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– 内政部长阿末查希在社团注册局正式通知行动党进行中委会重选之前,便做出公开宣布,这很证明社团注册局是根据国阵的政治指示来运作,而不是独立、也非公正的官方机构。

– 民主行动党一再地要求社团注册官出示针对民主行动党的投诉,但是当局一直无视民主行动党的要求。

– 身为民主行动党秘书长,我最为震惊是社团注册官拒绝与我会面解释,显示出当局的不专业处事态度,敌意压迫,刻意刁难和针对性对付民主行动党。