DAP Will Hold An Emergency Central Working Committee(CWC) Meeting Tomorrow Night On The Deteriorating Crime Situation That Is Turning Into a Full-blown Crisis In The Country And Other Related Party Issues.(en/cn)

Press Statement By DAP Secretary-General And MP For Bagan Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On 11.8.2013.

DAP will hold an emergency CWC meeting tomorrow night at DAP Headquarters on the deteriorating crime situation that is turning into a full-blown crisis in the country as well as discuss other related party issues. The spate of shootings throughout the country is unprecedented with a recorded shooting almost one per day since the end of last month.

Even though some leaders are away on holiday, DAP is holding this emergency meeting to respond to public fears for their safety that has affected business and caused tourism associations to publicly voice out on the adverse impact of violent crime on tourism in Malaysia.

In mid-June this year, a website report by 10awesome.com titled ‘10 Dangerous Cities In The World’, presciently named Kuala Lumpur as the sixth most dangerous city in the world. Even though police and the Federal government quickly refuted the article, they were proven painfully wrong with the wave of gun violence especially during festive holidays. The BN Federal government should not be in denial but admit that 10awesome.com was correct after all.

Despite harsh death penalty laws on possession of guns and bullets in Malaysia, the supply of guns in the hands of secret societies are so common that Malaysia appears to be like America where guns can be simply bought off retail stores. Blaming the repeal of the Emergency Ordinance(EO) that released many hardened criminals, does not fully explain how a ready supply of guns has suddenly surged in Malaysia. How did the guns enter Malaysia? The police must trace and stop the source that supplies such weapons.

Both the police and the Federal government appear completely helpless to stop the continued violent gun shootings and rise in street crimes that affect ordinary Malaysians. A quick remedial measure would be to simply put more police personnel on the streets and fighting crime. Out of the total 112,583 police personnel in uniform, only 10,150 or 9% of the police are in the Criminal Investigation Department.

This is unacceptable as the number of police personnel involved in fighting crime should not be 9% but at least 50%. In other words there should be at least 56,000 police personnel in uniform patrolling the streets and not the present 10,150. The public expects better value for money for police protection against crime, when the allocation for the police has increased by 65% in the period of 2007-2012, from RM4.22 billion in 2007 to RM5.82 billion in 2010 and RM6.98 billion in 2012.

Another long-term solution is the establishment of the Independent Police Commission of Complaints and Misconduct Commission or IPCMC to check abuses of power and corruption by the police so that police can be more efficient and professional in carrying out their duties. Further, this will stop abuses of power that allows the police to be used as a political tool against political opponents of BN instead of fighting criminals.

Transparency International has regularly listed public perception of the police as one of the most corrupt government departments. The establishment of the IPCMC would go a long way towards cleaning up the police force and transforming it as an effective fighting force against criminals and gangsters.


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今年六月中,10awesome.com 报导“全球最危险的十大城市”,吉隆坡在世界最危险的城市中名列第六。即使警方及联邦政府迅速否认该网站的报导,但如今从一浪接一浪,甚至在佳节期间的枪支暴力事件中,证明他们错了。国阵联邦政府必须承认10awesome.com所说的属实,而不应该再继续否认下去。




另一项长期的解决方案是成立独立警方投诉及行为不检调查委员会或IPCMC以控制警方滥权及贪污行径,那么警方才能更加有效率及专业地执行任务。而且,这也将遏止将警方利用为政治工具、对付国阵政敌的滥权行为 , 不去对付罪犯。