Resolution passed unanimously by the DAP CEC in a meeting tonight in respond to the ROS’ directive to DAP for a party re-election.

That the DAP CEC unanimously resolves to respond to the notice from the ROS dated 30 July 2013 as follows: –
1. That the DAP is unable to accept the directive of the ROS as contained in the letter aforesaid:

a.That the Registrar provides reasons for which it is dissatisfied with the explanation provided by the DAP in respect of the conduct of the CEC elections on 15 December 2012 pursuant to the section 16(1) notice under the Societies Act 1966 as stated in the letter aforesaid; and

b.That the Registrar explains under which provision of law the directive to hold fresh CEC elections is given as stated in the letter aforesaid.

Dated 31 Juy 2013,
Lim Guan Eng