DAP Would Not Allow MCA to Cloud MCA’s Failure Of Performance With Racial Sentiments And Fear But Focus On Change To Deliver A People-Centric Government That Addresses Rising Costs And Improve The Rakyat’s Economic Livelihood.(En/CN)

The next general elections will be won on the performance, integrity of leadership and the ability of BN and PR to deliver on its promises. DAP would not allow MCA to cloud MCA’s failure of performance with racial sentiments and fear but focus on change to deliver a people-centric government that addresses rising costs and improve the rakyat’s economic livelihood.

DAP regrets that MCA has continued to make personal attacks against the DAP to hide its flaws, cover-up its defects and pretend that MCA is multi-racial when it is not. Even though MCA is a chauvinistic Chinese party, MCA does not even defend the rights and interests of the Chinese. History has proven that MCA is only interested in personal enrichment, pursuing positions and posts at the expense of principles and people’s rights.

Look at the numerous financial scandals involving MCA and topMCA leaders from the RM1.4 billion Deposit Taking Co-operatives scandal in 1986 to the RM12.85 billion Port Klang Free Trade Zone scandal recently. MCA allows DAP leaders to be branded as disloyal when DAP fights for freedom, truth justice and democracy and yet are not ashamed when MCA leaders are exposed for being permanent residents in foreign countries.

If MCA claims they are not obsessed by the perks and privileges of office, why do MCA leaders not leave Cabinet now? There is no reason for the sole MCA State EXCO member in Perak and Negeri Sembilan to cling on to their posts when MCA is totally wiped out in elections. Why then does Datuk Lim Siang Chai accept a back-door appointment as Senator and Deputy Minister of Finance when he was rejected by voters and had lost in the 2008 general elections in Petaling Jaya Selatan parliamentary constituency?

If MCA has any principle or honour, MCA should not just withdraw from Cabinet, they should also leave BN. MCA’s failure to do so show their threat to withdraw from Cabinet if they do not receive Chinese support at the next general elections is a political ploy to frighten voters to support MCA. Voters are now mature and would not be easily frightened or deceived because they can see that MCA now exists merely to serve UMNO in exchange for positions and posts.

DAP has always been a multi-racial party and challenges MCA to show proof how DAP has disrupted racial harmony. Is Penang PR giving additional allocation more than double what was given by the previous BN government for Islamic affairs an act of disrupting racial harmony? Is Penang PR giving financial aid to Sekolah Agama Rakyat that was cut off by UMNO, as well as to Chinese schools, mission schools and Tamil Schools an act of disrupting racial harmony. Is Penang PR giving a yearly RM100 anti-corruption dividend to all senior citizens above 60 regardless of race, religion and political affiliation an act of disrupting racial harmony? Is Penang PR setting up a non-Muslim Religious Affairs portfolio an act of disrupting racial harmony?

MCA’s failure of performance has resulted in more than 2 million Malaysian leaving since Merdeka. Even its leaders have prepared permanent residency in foreign countries. How many more Malaysians must leave before MCA wakes up?

By attacking a multi-racial party like DAP with a ferocity unmatched in recent memory shows that MCA is willing to work hand in hand with racist newspapers like Utusan Malaysia to finish off the DAP. As a multi-racial party, DAP has slowly gained the support Malay and bumiputera voters in Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak.

In Sarawak, DAP would not have won 6 out of the 12 seats won without significant support from non-Chinese voters. In Peninsular Malaysia, DAP won Puchong under Gobing Singh by a huge majority of 12,593 votes even though there are more Malay(44%) than Chinese(41%) voters.(see below)

Parliament Seats (10 seats)

*Cameron Highlands, Raub, Puchong, Alor Gajah and Tanjung Piai all have more Malay than Chinese voters. DAP lost all these seats in 2008 with the exception of Puchong.

The path towards Malaysian unity is slow and painful in the face of attacks of 1Melayu, 1 Cina and 1 India by UMNO, MCA and MIC. However DAP will never give up but persevere in our battle to establish a Malaysian nation that belongs to all. We should be more concerned about how our resources are stolen from us, why those who are corrupt escape unpunished and the impact of rising prices on people’s livelihood.

Only an economy free from corruption can we ensure that the people prosper and benefit. Let us embrace a future free from fear and cronyism. Let us embrace the future by embracing every Malay, Indian, Chinese, Kadazan and Iban, as Malaysian brothers and sisters, Malaysian sons and daughters.

Then only can we grow together, learn together and enjoy the success together.

Press Statement By DAP Secretary-General And MP For Bagan Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On 7.5.2011.

—— Chinese Translation ———

民主行动党秘书长兼巴眼区国会议员林冠英于2011年5月7日在吉隆坡发表声明 :

民主行动党不会让马华利用种族情绪和恐惧来掩饰本身的失败,而会继续把工作焦点放在为人民带来改变, 实现一个民本政府,应付通货膨胀、改善人民经济生活。

来届大选谁胜谁负,将视国阵和民联的表现、领袖廉洁度及各自兑现承诺的能力而定。行动党不会允许马华利用种族情绪和恐惧来掩饰本身的失败,而会继续把工作焦点放在为人民带来改变, 实现一个民本政府,应付通货膨胀、改善人民经济生活。









国会选区 (10个议席)






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