1Malaysia and BN’s Consensus Spirit Are Irrelevant As Long As UMNO And BN Supports Perkasa.

The statement by Tan Sri Adam Kadir, the President of the Organisation of Former Umno Elected Representatives (Penawar) urging UMNO to continue its co-operation with Perkasa and all Malay NGOs that champion Malay and Bumiputera rights as enshrined Federal constitution reinforces UMNO’s role of backing the racist Perkasa. 1Malaysia and BN’s consensus spirit are irrelevant as long as UMNO and BN fully support the racist Perkasa.

How can Perkasa claim not to be racist and only fighting to uphold Article 153 of the Federal Constitution when they support racist statements that Chinese should go back to China and their women sell their bodies whereas Indians are beggars and dogs. I have checked and rechecked through Article 153 of the Federal Constitution and there is nothing stated in Article 153 that gives any one special rights to describe Chinese whose women sell their bodies and should go back to China, Indians as beggars or are dogs.

The statement by UMNO MP for Sri Gading that both UMNO and Perkasa have the same ideology only proves UMNO has all along being behind Perkasa. What is surprising however is that this support and the Perkasa mentality is prevalent even amongst all component parties of BN as explained by Tengku Adnan in the Malaysian Insider on Perkasa,
“When we had a meeting with BN secretaries-general, we never talked even a little bit that we wanted to distance ourselves from anybody,”

Clearly all the BN component parties like MCA are just playing a big “sandiwara” opposing Perkasa outside when inside meetings, they keep silent and submissively support UMNO’s pro-Perkasa position. BN component parties should explain why they keep silent inside BN meetings and dare not demand BN oppose Perkasa, yet talk big outside.

This Perkasa mentality in BN is dangerous as it has permitted public and open denigration of non-Malays. School principals who are supposed to teach good values, healthy respect of each other differences and harmonious living are now preaching intolerance, contempt of other races and even hate. Worse there escape unpunished! How do you teach good if you do not punish bad?

How can Perkasa not be racist and Ibrahim Ali claim to have Indian and Malay friends when they do not condemn but openly support racist statements calling Indians beggars and dogs, Chinese women sell their bodies and to go back to China. More serious is that UMNO and BN continues to support Perkasa despite such racist and extremist positions taken by Perkasa.

Dehumanizing Malaysians with contemptuous language and hate is extremely dangerous. This is what Hitler and Pol Pot has done to pursue their political agenda by dehumanizing the minorities within their population. If Perkasa, supported by UMNO and BN, succeeds in dehumanizing Malaysians, it is but a small step from preaching and even justifying mass violence. That is why Malaysians must stand up for peace and respect by uniting against the racism and extremism of hate as embodied not only by Perkasa but also against those that support Perkasa.

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