PR Penang State Government 2.0 Shall Be Competent, Clean And Fair To All Regardless Of Race, Religion And Most Important Of All Those Who Supported BN.(en/bm/cn)

Press Conference Statement by Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng After The Swearing-In Ceremony By Penang Governor At Sri Mutiara, Penang on 7.5.2013

We are extremely grateful to the people of Penang not only for proving that Penangites can neither be bought by the blatant and shameless money politics nor threatened with violence that had occurred in the last few days of the GE13 campaign in Penang. Clearly Penangites valued a government that performed and delivered over the last 5 years much more than those who only appeared during the last 5 days of the campaign to buy votes or threaten voters.

We are humbled and thank the people of Penang for their support. Just as we have delivered in the previous 5 years, we shall continue to do so for the next 5 years in preparing not only the future for the young but preparing the young for the future. We are prepared to build upon our successes to make Penang Cleaner, Greener, Safer and Healthier than ever.

5 years ago, we introduced clean governance based on the CAT principles of Competency, Accountability and Transparency. Through measures such as open competitive tenders, assets declarations, disallowing family members from doing business with the state government, we have managed to garner the largest investments ever in the history of Penang. In the last 5 years from 2008-2012, we received RM 36.1 billion in investments, compared to only RM 18.7 billion in the preceding 5 years from 2003-2007.

Through CAT, the PR state government was able to achieve surpluses every year since 2008, reduce debt by 95% and increase state assets from RM800 million in 2008 to RM1.2 billion in today. From the savings and surpluses we achieved, we shall abolish poverty this year by topping up monthly the income of all families who receive less than RM770 a month, continue with yearly cash aid to schools, senior citizens, single mothers, the disabled, school students, university students and trishaw pullers. From our feedback, the fear that BN will abolish these popular programmes caused many, especially Malays, to reject BN and support PR.

On the back of clear increased support amongst Chinese and Indian voters coupled with the slight increase in Malay support, PR Penang recorded an increase in popular votes from 63% to 66% and won all our seats with increased majorities. PR Penang managed to win an additional state seat in Seberang Jaya, increasing the 29 state seats won to 30. PR will not follow BN’s racial games of bashing the Chinese voters and make the Chinese community scapegoats for BN’s loss. Instead, PR will treat all Penangites fairly regardless of race, religion and political background.

Before I was sworn in for my second term as Chief Minister, I had visited Kampung Melayu in Air Itam, my constitutency in the Indian settlement of Ujong Batu in Bagan and Air Putih. The PR Penang state government 2.0 will be fair to all, even towards those who supported BN.

Propose An Annual RM 100 Golden Mother Programme To Record Our Appreciation To All Homemakers Below 60 Who Do Not Work But Look After Their Children From 2014 Onwards.
If PR had won Putrajaya, a PR Federal government would have given RM600 annually to all homemakers who did not work so that they can take care of the families. This general election showed the power of women, many who voted for the first time enthusiastically for justice, freedom, truth, integrity and good governance. In appreciation for their support, I shall propose a Golden Mother programme of RM 100 annually to all homemakers below 60 who do not work but look after their children and families from 2014 onwards.

All Pakatan Rakyat State Assemblypersons Shall Publicly Declare Their Assets Annually Certified By An Accounting Firm.
We will continue to further enhance CAT governance, including extending public asset declarations annually to all elected reps certified by an accounting firm, instead of confining it only to the Chief Minister and EXCO members.

We shall continue with our pro-growth, pro-jobs and pro-poor policies, especially empowering the SMEs, halal industry and expand our microcredit programme with an additional RM5 million. We will also encourage the growth of the aquaculture industry by abolishing boating licenses and provide nets on an annual basis to inshore fishermen. Apart from existing tourism projects, we want to improve the hospitality service by giving an annual good service incentive of R600 to all taxi-drivers.

We will seek to establish Penang as a center of excellence for science and technology through the Penang Science Cluster and the RM25 million Tech-Dome initiative. We will also make Penang a regional education hub by building Penang Learning Centers in all districts and attracting world-class educational institutions such as the Asian Women’s Leadership University (AWLU). Our ultimate goal will always be to build human talent by training, retraining, retaining and attracting new talent.

The Penang state government proposes to work with the Federal government on the Penang Transport Masterplan to establish a public transport system and expand existing road networks to ensure that our children do not grow up as a traffic jam generation. Not just the 4 major highways in Penang but also new roadwork projects in Seberang Perai, such as Jalan Bukit Minyak and Jambatan Kampung Tanjung Berembang.

In terms of housing, we will continue the RM500 million Affordable Housing Fund by building 22,000 units of affordable quality housing in George Town, Teluk Kumbar, Butterworth, Bukit Mertajam, Batu Kawan and Juru, covering all 5 districts.

Finally, making Penang liveable by being clean, green safe and healthy remains top on our agenda. We are now the most liveable in Malaysia and fourth best place to retire in the world. We will continue to preserve and strengthen George Town as a UNESCO World Heritage City as well as in arts and culture. Being the only green state practicing the “No Plastic Bags Campaign”, achieving the highest recycling rate in Malaysia at 24%, we will now target to achieve a recycling rate of 40% as well as reduce the generation of waste per capita by 50% by 2020.

The state government also plans to increase the number of CCTVs, as well as street lights to ensure that Penang keeps its status as the safest state in Malaysia. We will continue with our agenda of returning the third vote to Penang in order to empower local democracy through local government elections.

The people of Penang have spoken loud and clear and given an unqualified endorsement towards the people-centric policies of PR. There will be no room for cronies in Penang. Let us all unite to make Penang the No.1 liveable state in Malaysia.


—–BM Version —-

Kenyataan Media oleh Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Lim Guan Eng selepas isitadat mengangkat sumpah oleh Yang Di Pertua Negeri Pulau Pinang di Sri Mutiara, Pulau Pinang pada 7 Mei 2013.

Kerajaan Negeri Pakatan Rakyat Pulau Pinang 2.0 Akan Terus Menjadi Cekap, Bersih Dan Adil Kepada Semua Tanpa Mengira Kaum, Agama Dan Paling Penting Sekali Mereka Yang Menyokong BN.

Kami amat berterima kasih kepada rakyat Pulau Pinang kerana bukan sahaja telah membuktikan bahawa orang Pulau Pinang tidak boleh dibeli dengan politik wang tanpa segan silu, atau diugut dengan keganasan yang terjadi dalam hari-hari terakhir kempen Pilihanraya Umum ke 13 di Pulau Pinang. Jelaslah bahawa orang Pulau Pinang menghargai kerajaan yang telah menunjukkan prestasi yang cemerlang dalam tempoh lima tahun lalu, lebih daripada mereka yang hanya menunjukkan muka pada lima hari terakhir kempen PRU yang lalu untuk membeli undi dan mengugut pengundi.

Kami merasa amat rendah diri dan mengucapkan terima kasih kepada rakyat Pulau Pinang untuk sokongan yang telah ditunjukkan. Sepertimana perkhidmatan kami lima tahun lalu, begitulah jua kami akan teruskan untuk lima tahun berikutnya demi mempersiapkan masa depan untuk generasi muda serta mempersiapkan anak muda untuk masa depan. Kami bersedia untuk terus membina daripada kejayaan lalu bagi membentuk Pulau Pinang yang lebih bersih, hijau, selamat dan sihat berbanding masa lalu.

Lima tahun lalu, kami telah memperkenalkan prinsip urustadbir bersih berlandaskan prinsip CAT iaitu cekap, akauntabel dan telus. Melalui pendekatan-pendekatan seperti tender terbuka, pengisytiharan harta, menghalang ahli keluarga daripada berurus niaga dengan kerajaan negeri, kita telah berjaya untuk mendapat pelaburan terbesar dalam sejarah Pulau Pinang. Dalam lima tahun lalu sejak 2008 ke 2012, kita telah menerima pelaburan sebanyak RM 36.1 bilion, berbanding dengan hanya RM18.7 bilion dalam lima tahun sebelum itu pada 2003 sehingga 2007.

Melalui prinsip CAT, Kerajaan Negeri Pakatan Rakyat telah berjaya mencatat lebihan setiap tahun sejak 2008, mengurangkan hutang negeri sehingga 95% dan menambah aset negeri daripada RM800 juta pada tahun 2008 sehingga RM1.2 bilion hari ini. Daripada simpanan dan lebihan yang telah dicapai, kita akan menghapuskan kemiskinan tegar tahun ini dengan mencukupkan pendapatan isi rumah setiap keluarga yang mendapat kurang daripada RM770 sebulan, meneruskan bantuan tahunan kepada sekolah-sekolah, warga emas, ibu tunggal, orang kelainan upaya, pelajar sekolah, mahasiswa dan penarik beca. Daripada maklumbalas yang kami terima, kerisauan bahawa BN akan membatalkan semua program poplar ini mengakibatkan ramai, terutamanya orang Melayu, menolak BN dan menyokong Pakatan Rakyat.

Di sebalik peningkatan jelas sokongan pengundi masyaraktat Cina dan India beserta dengan peningkatan sokongan orang Melayu, Pakatan Rakyat Pulau Pinang menyaksikan peningkatan undi popular daripada 63% kepada 66% serta menang di kesemua kerusi dengan majoriti yang bertambah. Pakatan Rakyat Pulau Pinang turut berjaya memenangi tambahan kerusi DUN di Seberang Jaya, menambahkan bilangan kerusi DUN daripada 29 ke 30. Pakatan Rakyat tidak akan mengikuti permainan perkauman BN dengan menghentam pengundi Cina dan menjadikan komuniti Cina sebagai kambing hitam kepada kekalahan BN. Malah, Pakatan Rakyat akan melayan kesemua rakyat Pulau Pinang secara adil, tanpa mengira keturunan, agama dan kepercayaan politik.

Sebelum saya mengangkat sumpah sebagai Ketua Menteri untuk penggal kedua, saya telah melawat Kampung Melayu di Air Itam, kawasan saya yang terdapat penempatan masyarakat India di Ujong Batu dalam kawasan Bagan serta Air Putih. Kerajaan Negeri Pakatan Rakyat Pulau Pinang 2.0 akan berlaku adil kepada semua, termasuk mereka yang telah menyokong BN.

Cadangan Bayaran Tahunan RM100 Program Ibu Emas Bagi Menunjukkan Penghargaan Kepada Semua Suri Rumah Berusia 60 Tahun Ke Bawah Yang Tidak Bekerja Tetapi Mengasuh Anak-Anak Mereka Dari Tahun 2014.

Seandainya Pakatan Rakyat telah berjaya ke Putrajaya, sebuah kerajaan persekutuan Pakatan Rakyat akan memberi bayaran RM600 setahun kepada semua surirumah yang tidak bekerja, supaya mereka boleh menjaga keluarga mereka dengan baik. Pilihanraya Umum kali ini telah menunjukkan kuasa kaum wanita, ramai darinya yang mengundi buat kali pertama demi keadilan, kebebasan, kebenanaran, integriti dan pentadbiran yang baik. Sebagai penghargaan kepada sokongan mereka, saya akan mencadangkan program Ibu Emas untuk memberikan RM100 setahun kepada semua suri rumah di bawah umur 60 tahun yang tidak bekerja tetapi mengasuh anak-anak dan keluarga mereka, mulai tahun 2014.

Semua Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Pakatan Rakyat Pulau Pinang Mesti Mengisytiharkan Harta Secara Tahunan Dengan Disahkan Oleh Sebuah Firma Perakaunan.

Kita akan terus memperbaiki prinsip urus tadbir CAT, termasuk meneruskan pengisytiharan harta kepada umum pada setiap tahun terhadap semua wakil rakyat serta disahkan oleh sebuah firma perakaunan, berbanding hanya mengehadkannya hanya kepada Ketua Menteri dan ahli EXCO.

Kita akan meneruskan polisi-polisi pro-pertumbuhan, pro-kerja, dan pro-miskin terutamanya memperkasakan perusahaan kecil dan sederhana, industri halal dan memperluaskan program mikro-kredit dengan dana tambahan sebanyak RM5 juta. Kita juga akan menggalakkan pertumbuhan industri akuakultur dengan memansuhkan lesen bot dan menyediakan pukat dan jala secara tahunan kepada nelayan perairan pantai. Di samping projek pelancongan sedia ada, kita ingin memperbaiki perkhidmatan hospitaliti dengan memberikan insentif perkhidmatan baik secara tahunan sebanyak RM600 kepada semua pemandu teksi.

Kita akan berusaha untuk menjadikan Pulau Pinang sebagai pusat kecemerlangan sains dan teknologi melalui Penang Science Cluster dan inisiatif Tech-Dome bernilai RM25 juta. Kita juga akan menjadikan Pulau Pinang sebagai hub pendidikan serantau dengan membina Penang Learning Centers di semua daerah dan menarik minat institusi pendidikan bertaraf dunia seperti Universiti Kepimpinan Wanita Asia (Asian Women;s Leadership Universiti, AWLU). Sasaran utama kita adalah sentiasa untuk membina bakat manusia melalui latihan, latihan-semula, pengekalan dan penarikan bakat baru.

Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang bercadang untuk bekerjasama dengan Kerajaan Persekutuan tentang Pelan Induk Pengangkutan Pulau Pinang bagi membangunkan sistem pengangkutan awam serta mengembangkan rangkaian jalanraya sedia ada demi memastikan anak-anak kita tidak membesar sebagai ‘generasi kesesakan lalulintas’. Bukan sahaja untuk empat lebuhraya utama di Pulau Pinang tetapi juga untuk kerja-kerja jalanraya di Seberang Perai seperti di Jalan Bukit Minyak dan Jambatan Kampung Tanjung Berembang.

Dari aspek perumahan, kita akan meneruskan dana rumah mampu milik bernilai RM500 juta dengan membina 22,000 unit rumah mampu bilik yang berkualiti di George Town, Teluk Kumbar, Butterworth, Bukit Mertajam, Batu Kawan dan Juru, melingkupi lima kawasan.

Akhir sekali, agenda utama kita masih lagi untuk menjadikan Pulau Pinang lebih boleh didiami dengan menjadikkannya lebih bersih, hijau, selamat dan sihat. Kita sekarang adalah negeri paling boleh didiami di Malaysia dan menduduki tangga keempat sebagai tempat terbaik untuk bersara di seluruh dunia. Kita akan terus mengekal dan memperkukuh George Town sebagai bandar warisan dunia yang diiktiraf UNESCO termasuk dari segi seni dan budaya. Sebagai satu-satunya negeri ‘hijau’ yang menjalankan kempen anti beg plastik serta mencapai kadar kitar semula tertinggi di Malaysia pada 24%, kita kini akan mensasarkan untuk mencapai kadar kitar semula 40% sambil mengurangkan penghasilan sampah per kapitan sebanyak 50% menjelang tahun 2020.

Kerajaan Negeri juga bercadang untuk menambahkan bilangan kamera litar tertutup (CCTV) serta lampu jalan bagi memastikan Pulau Pinang kekal sebagai negeri paling selamat di Malaysia. Kita akan meneruskan agenda untuk mengembalikan undi ketiga di Pulau Pinang bagi memperkasakan demokrasi tempatan melalui pilihanraya kerajaan tempatan.

Rakyat Pulau Pinang telah menyatakan dengan jelas dan memberikan sokongan tanpa syarat terhadap polisi mesra rakyat Pakatan Rakyat. Pulau Pinang tidak akan memberi ruang kepada kroni. Marilah kita semua bersatu untuk menjadikan Pulau Pinang negeri nombor 1 paling boleh didiami di Malaysia.


——Mandarin Version —-







从我们增加的华裔及印裔选票加上微微增加的马来选票,槟州民联的得票率从63%增加到66%,我们的议席所赢的多数票皆增加。 槟州民联成功在威省赢多一个州议席,让我们的州议席从29增加至30席。民联不会像国阵那样玩弄种族游戏,在国阵败选后,斥责华裔选民。相反地,民联政府会公平对待各族人民,不论他们是什么种族、宗教及政治背景。

在我宣誓我的第二个首长任期之前,我探访过亚依淡甘榜马来友,我在峇眼选区的印裔区Ujong Batu及亚依淡选区。槟州民联州政府2.0将会公平对待各族人民,甚至是那些支持国阵的人。






我们也要通过槟州科学群体及2500万令吉兴建槟州科技中心,打造槟州成为卓越的科学及工艺中心。我们也会让槟州成为区域教育中心,在各县兴建槟州学习中心,以及吸引世界级教育机构如亚洲女性领袖大学(AWLU)。我们的终极目标是通过培训、再培训,留住 人才、吸引人才。

在槟州交通大蓝图上,槟州政府提议与联邦政府合作, 打造一个良好的公共交通系统,扩大现有的道路,让我们的孩子不会成为“塞车世代”。槟州不只将拥有四条主要高速公路,也会在威省开展新的道路工程,如武吉敏惹及甘榜丹绒柏仁邦大桥。

房屋方面,我们会继续运用5亿令吉的可负担房屋基金,在乔治市、直落坤巴、北海、大山脚、峇都加湾及柔府,兴建2万2000个 单位,涵盖五个县属。





4 thoughts on “PR Penang State Government 2.0 Shall Be Competent, Clean And Fair To All Regardless Of Race, Religion And Most Important Of All Those Who Supported BN.(en/bm/cn)”

  1. capricorn-asia

    Dear Mr Lim,

    Do not miss the number of people (some 107 comments at Malaysiakini article “Khalid in Limbo …” & 156 comments at article “Sgor Pakatan Rides the Khalid Waves” who have wrote in to support the appointment of Tan Sri Khalid as MB of Selangor. I do not think Pakatan/he has an e-mail or blog that I know of otherwise I will write in support. He, like you, is good. Please support him the best that you can.

    Some comments:

    ChangeNow! Khalid Samad, you always look at the bigger picture. We need more leaders like you. Azmin you have worked hard to ensure PKR victory in Selangor, well done!. But it was Tan Sr Khalid’s clean track record for the past 5 years that we the rakyat admire most. We know Tan Sri is not perfect in certain areas, but let s work together o tegur him mre this 2nd term
    8/5/2013 12:05:29am | Report
    EugeneT DSAI, WE THE PEOPLE OF SELANGOR WANT KHALID AS OUR MB. Listen to the voice of the people or face our anger in the next GE simlilarly as to the fate of PAS in Kedah in the next GE
    8/5/2013 12:03:28am | Report
    SHAi Please reward the general who won the war handsomely, Tan Sri Khalid.
    8/5/2013 12:00:55am | Report
    Anonymous #40538199 Tan Sri Khalid must be allowed to continue with the state’s effort in restructuring the water industry in selangor.
    7/5/2013 11:59:13pm | Report

  2. capricorn-asia

    Some more comments:

    PinangLang Let Tan Sri Khilid do another term, appoint Azmin Ali as Deputy MB, you all know what I mean.
    7/5/2013 11:57:26pm | Report
    lim chong leong Khalid Ibrahim should continue as MB. He is no longer the inexperienced businessman but now a second term MB incumbent. If he was shaky, that was the past.
    7/5/2013 11:52:42pm | Report
    lim chong leong Khalid Samad is really a gentleman. He will always think big and of the future and not delve on petty issues.
    7/5/2013 11:51:27pm | Report
    Anonymous #59599842 Pse, nobody else except Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim. Dont change the horse that is running very, very well.
    7/5/2013 11:49:54pm | Report
    anonymousA To the leaders of Pakatan, please DO NOT disappoint us, we want Khalid to lead Selangor as he has proven he is able. Please dont waste time on this but move on with EC… We are serious !!!
    7/5/2013 11:48:08pm | Report
    Adsertor Khalid has the support of the people and a proven track record as MB. He is the right and only choice.
    7/5/2013 11:47:40pm | Report

  3. capricorn-asia

    Some comments from Malaysiakini supporting appointment of Tan Sri Khalid as MB; ———— Anonymous #59599842 We want only Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim as Mentri Besar of Selangor. He has done a fine job and Selangorians wants him to continue as MB of Selangor. Anwar, Kit Siang and Tuan Hadi, Did you all hear the voices of Selangorians???????????
    12 minutes ago | Report —————– unknown1 @Heidegger & Derrida: Our choice is TS Khalid, with or without Nathaniel’s article, you understand? If not, you have better suggestion? This is our voice, you hear it?
    7/5/2013 9:01:27pm | Report ——————- Simon I certainly agree with the author of this article. Khalid has worked in a honest manner – no cronyism, no favors. he has proven that integrity is more important than appeasing the cronies. Well done Khalid and I urge Pakatan that if you practice what you preach then Khalid is your choice as MB. Any alternative move and we will see through your lies.
    7/5/2013 11:32:25pm | Report ———— B H Yap I really hope to see Khalid back again as MB. He is the clean and efficient image of PKR.
    1 hour ago | Report ———————- 888 The good showing in the Selangor election by Pakatan rakyat, is largely the result of good leadership by MB Khalid in the running of the state government. Pakatan should not change a good captain, else it will the next round.
    2 hours ago | Report

  4. Guan Eng

    Housing and transport infrastructure remain a high priority but so is energy, waste, healthcare, education, water quality and security. You have a lot on your plate.

    Affordable housing is a key problem and should be made available to all Penangites whether they voted for DAP or not. In this way. you will buy the hearts of the people who elected you to office. And for those who did not, perhaps they will have a change of mindset when they see more deliverables on the table conducted in an open and transparent manner.

    My question is which are the critical areas to tackle first?

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