The Prime Minister Should Personally Justify AES 1Malaysia Cameras Instead Of Relying On Kong Cho Ha Who Has Not Only Lost The Confidence Of Malaysians But Even Of UMNO Youth And Gerakan.(en/cn)

Press Statement By DAP Secretary-General And MP For Bagan Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On 3.11.2012.

DAP expresses disappointment at Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak for refusing to suspend the Automated Enforcement System(AES) but has instead asked Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha to explain why 1Malaysia cameras are necessarily commercialised to 2 private companies. Najib should personally justify AES 1Malaysia cameras instead of relying on Kong when Kong has not only lost the confidence of Malaysians, but even of UMNO Youth and Gerakan who has openly opposed AES.

BN’s AES that punishes the rakyat solely to enrich private companies as compare to PR Penang’s Agenda Ekonomi Saksama(AES) or Equitable Economic Agenda that strives to wipe out poverty highlights the different policy approach towards economic development. On the one hand BN installs 1Malaysia cameras without any open competitive tender that benefits certain crony companies through commissions for every traffic summons issued, whilst PR Penang’s AES will allow Penang to be the first state in Malaysia to be free from poverty by 2013.

Penang became the first state to wipe out hard-core poverty(households with monthly income of less than RNM400) in 2009 and had intended to wipe out poverty by 2015. However the targeted zero poverty target was brought forward by 2 years to 2013 due to the good financial performance of the state administration in 2011.
The 2011 Auditor-General’s Report had confirmed that Penang had reduced our debts by 95% and recorded the highest budget surplus ever in Penang’s history of RM138 million, a 312% increase from 2010’s budget surplus of RM33 million. Penang had managed to record a budget surplus every year since 2008 despite projecting a budget deficit every year due to CAT governance of competency, accountability and transparency.

CAT governance focuses on cutting down cost and maximising revenues without sacrificing quality through open competitive tenders, compliance with rule of law, choosing the competent or right person for the right job as well as adopting rigorous auditing and internal control mechanisms. As a result of CAT governance, the Penang state government is able to achieve our target of wiping out poverty by ensuring a minimum monthly household income of RM 770, which is above the poverty line indicator of RM763 pr month in Peninsular Malaysia.

In other words, any families receiving less than RM770 per month after all other forms of aid, will be “topped-up” by the Penang state government to RM770 per month. This exercise to begin by 1.1.2013 will see the end of poverty in Penang by the end of 2013. At least RM20 million has been allocated for this historic poverty eradication initiative.

What is the use of Najib asking Kong to explain if even UMNO Youth and Gerakan are not listening? Najib must take over and explain the necessity of AES in 3 important areas of public concern. One, why must the installation of AES 1Malaysia cameras be commercialised and privatised? Issuing traffic summons should be preventive and punitive with all proceeds going to the government and not allowing private companies to benefit at our pain and expense.

Two, why was there no adjustment of speed limits on certain stretches of the roads which at 50 or 60 km/hr is too low? However AES for those who jump traffic lights is acceptable. Thirdly, why was there no public hearing with the public, stakeholders, road-users and those most affected by the AES 1Malaysia cameras?
These are the 3 issues that Kong had failed to address and must be dealt personally by Najib.


—-Mandarin Version—
民主行动党秘书长兼峇眼区国会议员林冠英于2012年11月3日 在吉隆坡发表声明:





2011年总稽查报告已经确定,槟州已经减少债务至95%,并且取得槟州历史上最高的财政盈余1亿3800万令吉,比2010年的3300万令吉财政盈余增加312%。 槟州自2008年开始,虽然我们预算财政赤字,已经能够年年有余,这是由于能干、公信及透明政策造成的。


换句话说,任何家庭收入少过 770令吉(加上其它援助后),州政府将“加额”至每月770令吉。我们将在2013年1月1日开始这项做法,到了2013年底,槟州将会免于贫穷。我们拨出2000万令吉给予这项历史性的扶贫计划。

纳吉叫江作汉解释有什么用,就连巫青团及民政党都不听他的解释。纳吉必须接过问题,解释 AES的三个重要问题。第一,为什么AES自动执法系统的一个大马电眼必须商业化、私营化?交通传单的作用是阻遏及惩罚,所有的收入必须回到政府,而不是让私人公司得到好处、人民受苦。



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