DAP Will Work With PR To Launch A 5-Year Plan To Change The State Government To Return Sarawak To Sarawakians Based On 3 Main Operational Thrusts (en/cn).

Despite falling short of the effort to deny BN its 2/3 majority, PR did creditably by doubling opposition seats to 16. The popular vote of BN also fell from 63% in 2006 state general elections to 55%. Unfortunately one of the injustice of constituency delineation leaves the opposition at an unfair disadvantange is that despite BN winning only 55% of the popular vote, BN could still win 77% of the seats.

This unfair victory of BN winning 77% of the seats despite getting only 55% of the popular vote is one of the key reasons why Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud refuses to step down. However the nervousness of Taib at this reduced victory can be seen when he had to get himself sworn in as Chief Minister at near midnight. Why get sworn in in such great haste in the dark and stormy night and not wait a few days later to do it properly in broad daylight?

Is Taib afraid that Putrajaya will intervene and prevent Taib from taking charge of Petra Jaya?

The onus is now on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to deliver 3 basic demands from the people of Sarawak:-
• get Taib to resign;
• increase oil royalties of 5% to 20% annually or RM1.5 billion to RM6 billion per year; and
• improve basic infrastructure of water, electricity and roads to reduce poverty in Sarawak which is amongst the poorest states in Malaysia.

Should the Prime Minister fail to deliver these 3 basic demands, then Sarawakians need not wait 5 years for the next state elections but can make their unhappiness clear at the national general elections expected within a year.

There is no racial divide in the support for PR and DAP. BN wants to cover up and distract attention from the real message of the voters for change, end Taib’s rule and corruption as well as promote good governance. DAP could only double our seats from 6 to 12 because we obtained the support from all ethnic groups, including non-Chinese, in the urban areas. If there is a divide, it is a urban-rural divide that PR and DAP has to bridge if there is to be a change of government in Sarawak.

DAP will work with Pakatan Rakyat(PR) to launch a 5-year plan to change the state government to return Sarawak to Sarawakians based on 3 main operational thrusts as follows:-
1. Preparing for government by monitoring and proposing policies in the State Assembly with the establishment of the first shadow Cabinet in Sarawak’s history that addresses all the portfolios.
2. Winning over the rural voters with programs and direct engagement whether Chinese, Ibans, Bidayuh, Melanau/Malay or bumiputeras by adopting the model followed by Kiduorng ADUN Chiu Chiu Sing who obtained 64% of non-Chinese support;
3. Multiplying the recruiting of new supporters so that DAP can establish a wide support network.

The time has come for change. Our future has been stolen, we can not allow our children’s future to be stolen also. Only if the people of Sarawak in both the urban and rural areas stand up together for Sarawak, then only can the future for our children be protected.

Let us stand up together so that Sarawak can step out into the international stage and realise its full potential by marrying Sarawak’s abundant natural resources with the talented human resource.

Speech By DAP Secretary-General And MP For Bagan Lim Guan Eng During The Miri DAP Thanksgiving Dinner On 2.5.2011 Released In Kuching On 3 May 2011.



尽管民联无法在砂州选举中否决国阵的三分之二多数议席,民联在砂州也取得不错的成绩,议席增加至16席。而国阵的多数票也从2006年州选的63%,减少到55%。不幸的是,不公正的选区划分对在野党不利,尽管国阵只获得55%的支持票, 但是,他们却还是掌控77%的议席。




• 促泰益辞职;
• 让石油税从每年5%增加到20% 或每年15亿令吉增加到60亿令吉,及
• 改善水供、电供、道路等基本设备,别再让砂州成为全马最贫穷的州属之一。



1. 成立砂州历史上第一个包含各职位的影子内阁,监督和提出政策,准备做政府。
2. 采纳基杜隆区州议员周政新的工作模式,通过各项活动及直接接触,争取乡区选民的支持,不论是华人、伊班人、比达友人、马兰诺/马来人或土著,周政新在州选中获得64%非华裔选民的支持。
3. 在招募新晋支持者时更多元化,拓展行动党的联络支持网。



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