If The Chinese Community Submit To UMNO’s And Chua Soi Lek’s Threats And Vote For MCA For Fear Of Losing Chinese Representation In Government, The Winning MCA Elected Representatives Will Not Be Beholden To The People But Beholden To UMNO(en/cn).

MCA President Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek and MCA should be condemned for their reckless and desperate racial politics that has given UMNO the opportunity to up the racial ante and deepen racial polarisation in Malaysia. If the Chinese community submit to UMNO’s and Chua’s threats and vote for MCA for fear of losing Chinese representation in government, the winning MCA elected representatives will not be beholden o the people but beholden to UMNO.

What is the point then of electing wakil rakyat’s who neither listen to the people nor do the people’s work but will only listen to UMNO and do UMNO’s dirty work of corruption and abuse of power. What hope is there for Malaysians, if BN, UMNO and MCA are allowed to continue to steal our children’s future?

Clearly Chua is now the historical culprit because his reckless political gamble to claw back lost political support has assisted UMNO top leaders to demonise the Chinese community. Chua’s political gamble has also resulted in UMNO top leaders jumping in with the twin racist strategy of threatening the Chinese community with losing representation in government whilst inviting PAS to join UMNO in BN to form a grand coalition of racist and extremist Malays.

The invitation of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to PAS to join BN is not only a betrayal of 1 Malaysia but also a naked attempt to cling on to power by pitting Malays against non-Malays. By also threatening the Chinese community with losing representation in government, UMNO has indicated that MCA’s representation is decided by UMNO regardless of their performance. After all whether MCA wins or lsoes big in general elections, MCA still retain the same 4 minor Ministerial posts.

Chua should not to be a sore loser by playing into UMNO’s racial politics but instead respect the verdict of the Sarawak people, calling for change with an end to Taib’s Rule and corruption as well as implementing good governance. No amount of threats or fear can hide the fact that BN lost support with the popular vote going downby 8% from 63% in the 2006 general elections to 55% on April 16 because the people had enough of corruption,poor governance and Taib’s misrule.

Instead of addressing the real message for hope and change by Sarawakians from all races, Chua had tried to distract or cover up the real causes by suggesting that SUPP should withdraw from the state Cabinet following SUPP losses in 13 of the 19 seats in the recent Sarawak state election. However Chua could not respond when challenged why he did not practice what he preached by directing MCA Ministers to withdraw from Cabinet or that the sole MCA State EXCO member withdraw from Perak and Negeri Sembilan State EXCOs.

Instead of directing MCA Ministers or the State EXCOs to withdraw now, Chua is threatening to do so if MCA loses at the next general elections. What is the point of just withdrawing from Cabinet when you do not withdraw from BN? Voters are voting against BN as this is the symbol and not MCA’s symbol when contesting in elections. If Chua is sincere, he should direct MCA to withdraw now and also announce that MCA would withdraw from BN if it loses again in the next general elections.

Otherwise this is another desperate and dishonest tactic of fear to intimidate and frighten the voters. Such a tactic goes against the basic tenets of democracy of the freedom to choose without fear of favour. Unfortunately this has also deepened racial polarisation by giving UMNO the opportunity to show that they are ultra-Malay defenders by inviting PAS to join UMNO in BN.

Press Statement By Secretary General Lim Guan Eng In Kuching DAP Forum Released At DAP Headquarters In Kuala Lumpur On 1.5.2011.

—– Chinese Version—–


如果华社屈服于巫统和蔡细历的威胁,因害怕失去政府华裔代表而投选马华, 中选的马华代议士将不会遵从人民,而是遵从巫统。

马华总会长拿督斯里蔡细历和马华必须被谴责,他们不计后果地诉诸种族政治,给巫统一个机会,以种族牌为赌注、加深马来西亚的种族两极化。如果华社屈服于巫统和蔡细历的威胁,因害怕失去政府华裔代表而投选马华, 中选的马华代议士将不会遵从人民,而是遵从巫统。



首相拿督斯里纳吉邀请回教党加入国阵,不只背叛了一个马来西亚,也赤裸裸地展现他企图利用马来人与非马来人之间的竞争来保住政权。巫统威胁华社将失去华裔代表,显示不论马华的表现如何,马华的代表性最终由巫统决定。 毕竟无论马华在来届大选是赢是输,马华还是可以保有四个次要的部长职位。


蔡细历不但没有回应砂州各族人民求希望、求变的心声,反而还想转移视线、掩盖事情的原因,并建议人联党退出州内阁,因为人联党在砂州选举竞选19席,输了 13个议席。不过,当他被挑战为什么没有身体力行,指示马华退出内阁,以及霹雳和森美兰两州的行政议员辞职?他却答不出 来。


否则,这只是一招不择手段、不诚实的恐吓招术来吓唬选民。这种手段违背民主基本的自由原则,即无畏无惧的选择自由。不幸的是,这也加深了种族两极化,让巫统有一个机会 ,通过邀请回教党加入巫统和国阵,来展示他们才是马来人极端主义的捍卫者。


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